Too early to tell if 49ers would be interested in Kelly, Huff reunion

Too early to tell if 49ers would be interested in Kelly, Huff reunion

SANTA CLARA – Shortly after getting out of a meeting Thursday morning, 49ers coach Chip Kelly learned the Philadelphia Eagles released wide receiver Josh Huff.

Moments later when Kelly spoke to the media, it was too early to say whether the 49ers would be interested in acquiring his former player from Oregon and the Eagles. Huff was arrested this week. The Eagles released him on Thursday.

“I have no idea what happened,” Kelly said. “I haven’t followed any of it. I know he got arrested two days ago, but I haven’t followed any of it.”

Kelly said he has not spoken with general manager Trent Baalke about Huff. Baalke has been scouting. He attended the Western Michigan-Ball State game on Tuesday and the Toledo-Akron game on Wednesday. Baalke arrived back at the 49ers' practice facility on Thursday after the 49ers had started practice.

Huff has appeared in seven games this season with two starts. He has caught 13 passes for 72 yards and one touchdown. In his career, Huff has 48 receptions for 482 yards and four touchdowns.

This season, Huff has also averaged 36.0 yards on seven kickoff returns, including a 98-yard touchdown.

He entered the NFL in 2014 as a third-round draft pick after his career at Oregon. Huff was the first Oregon player Kelly picked after coming to the NFL.

Huff was released on Thursday, two days after being arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, illegal possession of a firearm and the possession of six hollow-tip bullets.

“This was about gathering all the information and making the right move for the Philadelphia Eagles. We did not want to rush to judgment,” Eagles general manager Howie Roseman told reporters. “Over the last 48 hours, when we when through this process, we thought this was the best decision for the Philadelphia Eagles.”

NFL QB Power Rankings Week 11: Baker Mayfield passes Nick Mullens Mania


NFL QB Power Rankings Week 11: Baker Mayfield passes Nick Mullens Mania

What’s going on with Tom Brady?

In today’s NFL, Brady’s 94.7 passer rating qualifies as merely pedestrian.

And here’s a stat that’s going to be a shock: Brady has a 59.6 rating – worst in the NFL – when facing a blitz. The next two at the bottom of the list are Joe Flacco (63.3) and Josh Rosen (63.7).

Nick Mullens debuted as No. 1 last week after his historically impressive NFL debut. He will have to work his way back up the list after coming back down to earth on Monday night against the Giants.

Here are our official rankings at the beginning of Week 11:

1. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland: Any QB who wakes up feeling “dangerous” gets extra points when he performs in a big way. (26)
2. Drew Brees, New Orleans: Ho-hum, a 22-of-25 passing day and hanging 51 points on the Bengals is considered just another day at the office for this guy. (2)
3. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City: With his 31st TD pass, he has already set the franchise record. And he has six games make it unreachable – perhaps even for his future self. (3)
4. Russell Wilson, Seattle: The Seahawks are better than expected because of one person. This guy. (5)
5. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay: Winner of Thursday’s Rodgers-Wilson showdown gets the better spot next week. (6)
6. Philip Rivers, L.A. Chargers: Rivers and the Chargers have never been this good at the mid-point of the season. (9)
7. Deshaun Watson, Houston: He’s thrown 36 TDs in his first 16 starts. The Texans are rolling. (10)
8. Tom Brady, New England: Hey, didn’t you used to be Tom Brady? (4)
9. Jared Goff, L.A. Rams: Not only did the Rams pull away in the NFC West, Goff picked up a new fan: Halle Berry. (11)
10. Cam Newton, Carolina: He ranks 22nd in the league in passing yards (2,086) and 33rd in rushing yards (352). (7)
11. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis: The Comeback-Player-of-the-Year trophy ships out tomorrow. (13)
12. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh: Le’Veon who? This is Big Ben’s team, and always will be. (15)
13. Matt Ryan, Atlanta: You cannot allow the Browns to beat you. It’s as simple as that. (8)
14. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota: He’s on pace to shatter franchise record for passing yards, which is why they gave him the big bucks. (14)
15. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia: “We want Nick! We want Nick!” Nah. (12)
16. Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago: Nobody is complaining about that trade now. (17)
17. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee: He might be seeing that Patriots defense he tore up again in the playoffs. (18)
18. Matthew Stafford, Detroit: We all expected more. (16)
19. Dak Prescott, Dallas: Why is there even a question if he’s the QB of the future? He’s still young and getting better. (19)
20. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tampa Bay: How can you throw for 406 yards in a game in which your team scores only three points? (21)
21. Alex Smith, Washington: The stable leader has thrown for EXACTLY 178 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions in three of the past four games. (22)
22. Eli Manning, N.Y. Giants: The 49ers made him look like Super Bowl Eli. (25)
23. DEREK CARR, RAIDERS: Nine consecutive quarters without a TD is not getting it done. (23)
24. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati: After a fine start, the Bengals have lost three of four, and Dalton is getting worse and worse. (20)
25. Case Keenum, Denver: After a rough start, there are signs of improvement. (27)
26. Joe Flacco, Baltimore: If Lamar Jackson gets to start, will Flacco ever get his job back? (24)
27. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville: He’s playing his part in the league’s most disappointing team. (28)
28. Matt Barkley, Buffalo: He’s so good that he made Nathan Peterman expendable. (Nathan Peterman, 31)
29. NICK MULLENS, 49ERS: After BDN – Big Debut Nick -- initially earned the top spot in these rankings, he took a bit of a tumble despite still showing some good stuff. (1)
30. Brock Osweiler, Miami: Going three consecutive games without a TD pass is generally not a winning formula. (29)
31. Josh Rosen, Arizona: He is quite relieved to see the Raiders next up on the schedule. (30)
32. Sam Darnold, N.Y. Jets: Something really stinks in Jetsland. (32)

Nick Mullens earns more respect from Kyle Shanahan, remains 49ers' QB

Nick Mullens earns more respect from Kyle Shanahan, remains 49ers' QB

SANTA CLARA -- 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan came out of Monday’s game believing Nick Mullens took a step forward in his development, so he'll remain the team's starting quarterback.

Mullens' stat line wasn't nearly as impressive as in his Week 9 debut against the Raiders, but his performance in the 49ers’ 27-23 loss to the New York Giants went beyond the stat line.

“Nick Mullens is our starter until I say different,” Shanahan said Tuesday.

Mullens completed 27 of 39 passes for 250 yards and one touchdown with two interceptions for a 73.7 passer rating. His TD was an 11-yard pass to Matt Breida, who was the last option in Mullens’ progression.

“What I liked about Nick is that he never seemed rattled throughout the whole game, continued playing,” Shanahan said. “He was great after the game, and he was great just watching the film with him.”

Shanahan gave Mullens an earful Monday night because of what he believed at the time was an lost opportunity for a big play against the Giants. Shanahan ended up with even more respect for Mullens after taking a closer look at the play Tuesday.

“There was one that I thought live he should’ve gotten to a deeper guy from my view on the sidelines,” Shanahan said. “I got on him for it because I wanted a bigger pass. I thought he was there, and it was open.

“He sits there, listens and takes it. When I watched the film, if he would've gone for what I wanted, I think it would've been a sack. And it would've been second-and-15. So that stuff, I like.”

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Through two games, Mullens has yet to be sacked while attempting 61 passes. Jimmy Garoppolo was sacked 13 times in 89 pass attempts this season, and C.J. Beathard was dropped 18 times in 169 pass attempts.

“He’s got a feel for that in the pocket,” Shanahan said of Mullens. “I always want to be aggressive and go down the field and get bigger plays, but not at the expense of risking a sack. I think he’s done a good job with that.”