Williams says Bosa is playing the best football in the NFL


Defensive end Nick Bosa is one of the toughest edge rushers to block and nobody knows it better than left tackle Trent Williams. 

The star pass rusher has 15 sacks on the season and his production has increased each week. Bosa shared that he anticipated his return from an ACL injury would go this way, gradually feeling more comfortable with each rep.

Williams, who has faced Bosa at full speed multiple times, believes that currently there really isn’t anyone better than his teammate as an edge rusher in the NFL. 

“I try to stay out of these conversations because I have a biased opinion, but looking at the NFL right now, who would you take over Nick Bosa?” Williams said on Tuesday. “I feel like he is playing some of the best football in the NFL right now from the edge position. 

“I feel sorry for the offensive tackles. I really do, because I’ve had full speed reps against him and we go one-on-one and that’s full speed. We're not taking it easy on each other.” 

The compliments might weigh even more coming from an eight-time Pro Bowler like Williams who has faced his share of top pass rushers in the league. The left tackle explained that what makes Bosa so unique is how well-rounded he is in the game. 

Some pass rushers’ greatest attribute is power while for others is speed. Williams shared that Bosa has all the qualities you would look for in a defensive end and uses them at will, which is incredibly difficult to prepare for.


“He has a full array of everything you need,” Williams said. “If you were to go into a lab and create a pass rusher, Nick Bosa would walk out. That’s what makes him so tough to deal with. 

“You talk about speed, quickness, power and then you add the technique and the skill. You put all of that into one person, a body that’s able to do physically anything, you get a player like Nick Bosa. 

“It sucks for the other team. I’m glad I ain’t got to deal with it.” 

Williams who has played an entire game against Los Angeles Chargers pass rusher Joey Bosa, Nick’s older brother, believes that the younger of the two has a slight edge. The left tackle believes that Nick’s slightly smaller 6-foot-4 frame gives him an advantage over his 6-foot-5 brother. 

“Don’t get me wrong,” Williams said. “It’s not a huge difference between the two of them but I feel like as compact as Nick is, it makes his power a little bit more dynamic and his quickness is more effective when it’s more compact as opposed to an inch taller.

“For those that play with quickness, it plays against them with such a big body. I feel like Nick has a perfect frame where he can play fast, powerful, quick. He can beat you with speed, hands. He can beat you with any type of way he pleases. That’s why I give a nod towards Nick.” 

Bosa, who is a strong contender for Comeback and/or Defensive Player of the Year has a few more games to make his case. Thus far the edge rusher has not only racked up an impressive number of quarterback takedowns but leads the league with 18 tackles for a loss. Bosa has also surpassed his 2019 tally of 25 quarterback hits.

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According to PFF, the Ohio State product has 29 quarterback hits with three games yet to play. Bosa’s 68 quarterback pressures tie him for third in the league with Los Angeles Rams' star Aaron Donald, behind only Las Vegas Raiders Maxx Crosby (78) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shaquil Barrett (72).

“I feel like he is the best in the game at this point,” Williams said. “A few months ago when I said he looked better and stronger than he did before the injury, and everybody looked at me like I was crazy and I think it’s starting to unfold right before our eyes.”

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