Williams believes only small things are holding 49ers back

Trent Williams

SANTA CLARA -- Trent Williams believes the 49ers have everything they need to be contenders. 

Even though San Francisco lost three straight games prior to the bye week, the Pro Bowl left tackle believes the only thing holding the 49ers back is themselves. All three of their losses have come in one-score games. 

Williams could be making excuses that injuries have played their role in the team’s losses. Raheem Mostert, the top running back, only carried the ball twice in Week 1 prior to being placed on injured reserve with a knee injury. Jimmy Garoppolo and George Kittle have both missed time, unable to stay healthy through the first five weeks of the season. 

Williams didn’t mention those absences at all when asked how the 49ers will be able to turn their season around in Week 7. The league’s top tackle simply stated that the offense needs to figure out how to put points on the board and convert on crucial downs.

Williams has full belief in the offense’s ability to win, sharing that their offensive stats show they have been productive. In their Week 5 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the results could have been different had they converted on the fourth-and-goal situation at the beginning of the second quarter and on fourth-and-1 at midfield at the beginning of the fourth quarter. 


“Even with all the misfortune that went on, the penalties and the turnovers, it was still a one-score game in the end,” Williams said on Monday. “They are probably considered the best team in the league right now.

“When you look at pros and cons and you look at what may have caused this, and where we are sitting at today, our list of wrongs is not that long. It’s nothing that we can’t handle. We aren’t waiting for someone to walk through the door, we got all the talent we need in-house.” 

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While the patience of the fan base seems to have dwindled resulting from the three straight losses, Williams reports that the mood in the locker room is still positive and confident. The 49ers know well enough that if they had converted a few more times instead of turning the ball over on downs, the discussion would be very different. 

“We have plenty of time," Williams said. "There’s no panic from us. All of our division rivals, we get to play them again and we can even out the score. We are not too worried. Of course, there’s definitely a need to end this 'losing streak' but I don’t think panic is what we need to do.

“It’s not about finding a new identity, it’s just who can do right longer. Those situations that mean everything, those are the times we got to be the best. It’s not like we are stinking up the place and not moving the ball. Nothing like that.”  

Williams and the offense will need to stay focused heading into Sunday night's game against DeForest Buckner and the Indianapolis Colts, who only allowed three points to the Houston Texans in Week 6. 

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