Williams took anger out on defender on Lance's touchdown


Trent Williams loves to pancake block opposing defenders.

In fact, it's the equivalent of scoring a touchdown -- but for an offensive lineman.

Williams pancake-blocked Green Bay Packers cornerback Eric Stokes on a rushing touchdown from 49ers' rookie quarterback Trey Lance Sunday. 

It wasn't the first time Williams laid an opposing defender out on his back, and it certainly won't be the last. Williams joined 95.7 The Game's "Damon, Ratto & Kolsky" where he discussed the block, and what led up to that moment. 

“Not going to lie, as an offensive lineman I think that is our (version) of scoring a touchdown," Williams said. "To get out in space and make a touchdown block. I’m not even going to say anything is better than that. 

"Obviously, I just wanted to be consistent," Williams added. "That play was great, but honestly, I was just mad from the play before and I didn't even notice that I did all that. I was just kind of taking my anger out on the corner and then Trey [Lance] was handing me the ball to spike it, so that kind of lifted my spirits at that point."

The play prior to Lance's touchdown run, plus four additional plays before that, were each as frustrating as the next. From the Green Bay 6-yard line, the 49ers' offense failed over and over to punch the ball in for a score right before halftime. 

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Lance came in and got the job done, but Williams remain frustrated from his prior performance. 

"But I was still just kicking myself on the play before where I used terrible technique and got the quarterback hit," Williams said. "I know the play ended the half and was a scoring play, but the play before is the play that overshadowed that.”  

No matter how upset a big offensive lineman is, there's nothing that will cheer them up quite like spiking the ball in the end zone. 

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