Williams has utmost trust in 49ers staff's QB game plan


SANTA CLARA -- Trent Williams knows that no matter who is under center for the 49ers, Kyle Shanahan and the coaching staff will have the best plan possible. 

The Pro Bowl left tackle first played under Shanahan when he was a rookie in Washington and Robert Griffin III was the quarterback. While Williams doesn’t see many parallels in the plays that Shanahan has created for Lance, he does see a great situation for the rookie. 

Williams has been impressed with Lance thus far, noting that the young quarterback did not seem flustered by his number being called just prior to the second half of the matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. 

No one on the team knew Lance was going to take the field in place of Garoppolo until right before the start of the half. The rookie only had a few minutes to prepare mentally after sitting out the entire first half. 

“I think he handled it pretty well,” Williams said. “He looked like he was ready for the moment it didn’t look like it was a shocker to him. He didn’t look like he was timid in any way. He actually has a confident aura around him that you kind of start believing when you’re around him.” 

Williams explained that with either Lance or Garoppolo under center, Shanahan and offensive coordinator Mike McDaniels will game plan a great scenario for each. Their offensive system evolved quite a bit through the offseason. 

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Adding packages that Lance can specialize in have already been in play, and if he is to start under center on Sunday, expect more zone-read situations designed for the rookie’s skill set. 

“Mike and Kyle are some of the smartest football minds that have come around,” Williams said. “You give them an offseason to scheme up things they are going to come up with some pretty cool schemes and pretty nice ways to open up weapons out in the field. 

“I got total trust in them and just looking at the things they came up with during camp and now for [Lance], it’s hard to not have confidence in them. On paper it looks really good. Now we have to go out there on Sunday and make it happen. I’m definitely impressed with what they’ve done.”

No matter whose blindside Williams is protecting on Sunday in Arizona, there will be a formidable plan in place to help foster that quarterback's success. 

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