Despite social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of athletes are figuring out creative ways to stay in shape. 

For now, NFL’s regular season appears to be on its normal schedule, as opposed to other organizations. That means, the training doesn’t stop. For 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk, he’s using his sled … and his wife, Kristin, to do just that.

In addition to pulling Kristin in the different elements, he’s doing some heavy lifting with tree trunks while incorporating squats.

Hey, whatever gets the job done.

Giants catcher Rob Brantly used the assistance of his wife, Milene, by having her feed some soft toss off of a throwback net to ensure his swing was ready. 

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The Warriors aren’t skipping out on workouts either. Even the ones that are in a one-bedroom apartment. Their organization made sure to provide them with stationary bikes and a few sets of dumbbells.

This way, whenever things get back to normal, they’ll all be ready to go.