At first glance, one might be surprised to know Trent Williams missed the last NFL season.

That first glance being the 49ers’ newly-acquired tackle squatting five -- hundred -- and -- eighty -- five -- pounds:

If that doesn’t do it for you, here is the seven-time Pro Bowler doing some hurdle and box jump exercises like it’s nothing:

“No edits, no filters,” his trainer said while Williams put his squats in. Well, at least when it came to the weights.

Williams has Photoshops of him sporting red and gold across his social media already. He even changed his location on Twitter to Santa Clara, home of Levi’s Stadium.

The 49ers traded for Williams on Day 3 of the NFL draft in order to fill the void of Joe Staley, who announced his retirement on Saturday.

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Williams’ absence last season was brought on by a misdiagnosed cancerous growth on his head along with a few off-field issues with the front office. He would end the 2019 season on Washington’s reserve/non-football list. 


Between the workouts and his updated social media, it appears Williams is more than ready to get the season started. 

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