Coach Kyle Shanahan saw a score of the 49ers’ next opponent on the screen while he was on a conference call Sunday with Bay Area reporters.

But that was really all he knew about the Seattle Seahawks’ Week 16 game against the Arizona Cardinals. At the time of the call, the Cardinals had a 13-point lead over the Seahawks in the third quarter.

“I’ve been doing our stuff all day,” Shanahan said. “I actually right now while this press conference is on, I just turned the game on in the back here. So I see it’s 20-7, and I’m watching the score a little bit.”

Shanahan and his coaching staff were going over the film of the 49ers’ 34-31 victory over the Los Angeles Rams from Saturday night. The victory sets up a winner-take-all game against the Seahawks in Week 17 on Sunday night.

If the 49ers win, they earn home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. If the 49ers lose next week, they will be either the No. 5 or No. 6 seed and go on the road during wild-card weekend.

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Coaches generally do not watch TV footage of games, unless they are trying to pick up sound to identify certain quarterback checks at the line of scrimmage. The 49ers’ coaches will complete most of their game plan before the team reports back to work on Tuesday.


“As soon as we’re done with this, we’ll get on to the coaches' tape, and try to get some stuff in here, and we’ll do the rest of our game plan tomorrow,” Shanahan said. “And then we’ll get the players in here on Tuesday and treat it like a Wednesday.”

The 49ers likely will have Christmas Day as a day off, so the club will be able to have a standard workweek with the benefit of having an extra day between games.