What 49ers' Mike McGlinchey learned from stars Von Miller, Dee Ford

What 49ers' Mike McGlinchey learned from stars Von Miller, Dee Ford

SANTA CLARA — It’s only Mike McGlinchey’s second offseason as a pro, but he already has an advantage over many others: He has played across from some of the best in the business. 

It’s not often that a player learns from multiple reps facing star pass rushers Dee Ford and Von Miller but that’s exactly what the 49ers second-year tackle has been able to do. He has faced Ford in practice as a teammate and has now had several reps and two games facing Miller. 

“They are as good as advertised,” McGlinchey said. “It certainly helped our football team being able to play against those guys. Especially in the pass rush for Joe and I all week, to be able to see something like that. [It helps us] not only for that week but going forward for our season .” 

McGlinchey explained that he was much less anxious going against Miller this year opposed to the end of last season as a rookie.

“A lot less anticipation than there was last season going into the game against him," McGlinchey said. “It’s practice, there’s not as much consequence for when you screw up or miss something. 

“I had the experience from last year, got to go over the film and see what I did well see what I didn’t do well and I think I made a lot of improvements from that game last year to where we’re at now.” 

Everyone knows that facing Miller is a challenge, but McGlinchey knows what it takes to win his matchup in the trenches -- even against the most intimidating opponents.

“Von will test every detail that you can figure out as an offensive lineman,” McGlinchey said. “So, it was good to see and good to stay in a process of what I do rather than focusing on how to win this week. It was good to see my technique work and the kind of stuff I did all season transfer over to blocking good pass rushers

“He tests everything about how you operate as an o-ineman. Everything he does is reactionary but it’s also with intent. He’s waiting to see what I do each rep and he’s going to use whatever he thinks against that particular set or run block or whatever it is.” 

But who is more difficult to block: Miller or Ford? McGlinchey couldn't help but side with his fellow 49ers teammate.

“I’m not going to choose against my own teammate,” McGlinchey said. “They are both extremely gifted athletes and rushers and I’m never going to pick one or the other, except for the fact that Dee is my teammate and I’m going to pick him every time. 

“They are different in their own right, both extremely good and extremely talented and they are similar in their athletic ability but what they do in terms of how they rush is different.” 

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McGlinchey knows that no two pass rushers are alike, and understands how Ford and Miller -- while dominant in their own ways -- bring two different repertoires to the table.

“Von has that elite get off, but that’s not everything he’s working off of,” McGlinchey said. “The way that Dee rushes is that he works everything off his first step, and then power or around to the edge. Von is a little more reactionary whereas Dee is more ‘take it to you.’” 

“Anytime you can get reps against the best it’s a good thing, it’s definitely huge for us.” 

49ers' Nick Bosa suffered first loss in over two years vs. Seahawks


49ers' Nick Bosa suffered first loss in over two years vs. Seahawks

49ers rookie sensation Nick Bosa experienced something Monday night that the 22-year-old hasn’t faced in over two years.

He lost a game.

That’s right, the defensive end hadn’t lost a game prior to San Francisco's loss to the Seahawks on Monday night since his sophomore season at Ohio State.

That game was especially rough for Bosa as he was ejected in the second quarter after a pretty blatant targeting penalty for a hit on Iowa's quarterback.

Bosa’s Buckeyes won the first three games of 2018 before Bosa injured his knee and missed the final 11 games of his collegiate career.

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The 49ers hope to restart Bosa’s winning streak Sunday when they take on the Arizona Cardinals at Levi’s Stadium.

49ers 'most likely' turn to Justin Skule again to replace Joe Staley


49ers 'most likely' turn to Justin Skule again to replace Joe Staley

SANTA CLARA -- Rookie Justin Skule will “most likely” return to the 49ers starting lineup in place of veteran left tackle Joe Staley, coach Kyle Shanahan said Wednesday.

Staley underwent surgery to repair a broken and dislocated finger, an injury that occurred Monday night in the 49ers’ 27-24 overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Staley, a six-time Pro Bowler, did not realize the extent of the injury until it swelled on him Tuesday morning.

“He will not play this week and probably be out a couple of weeks,” Shanahan said.

Skule started six games earlier this season when Staley was sidelined with a fractured left lower leg. When Staley returned to action on Monday, Skule was deactivated for the game. The 49ers went with Daniel Brunskill as the backup offensive tackle behind Staley and Mike McGlinchey.

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Shanahan expressed confidence that Skule will again step in and play well in place of Staley.

“I thought he did a very good job,” Shanahan said of Skule, a sixth-round draft pick from Vanderbilt. “He came in there and stepped it up right away. He did a good job his first game and I thought he got better each week. We were happy with how he played, and I’m glad we have a couple of good backups.”