What makes Trent Williams 'one of one' to Kittle, 49ers

Trent Williams George Kittle

SANTA CLARA -- When George Kittle sees Trent Williams, he doesn't just see an eight-time Pro Bowl left tackle. He sees, well ... himself. Just much, much bigger. 

"I literally think me and Trent have the same lower body," Kittle said Thursday. "He just weighs like 50 or 60 more pounds than I do."

Actually, 70 pounds. 

Kittle is listed at 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds. His 49ers teammate is listed one inch taller at 6-foot-5 but 320 pounds. Standing even somewhat close to Williams, it's hard to even understand how we come from the same planet. Then, there's his strength. 

"I feel like we move very similarly, but he can just bench press a house," Kittle said. "He doesn't have to really do anything. He'll go into the weight room and he'll just put like 400-plus pounds on the bar and just rep it for five reps and be like, 'I'm good.' I'm just like, 'Ahh, that's cool! I'm gonna do my warmup reps of 185 and 225 and just try to build up.'

"Everything he does is just one of one, it's incredible."

In his second season with San Francisco, Williams truly has been a one-of-one. He has allowed just one sack this season, and his 98.4 overall Pro Football Focus grade isn't only 6.1 points better than all other offensive tackles in the NFL, it makes him the highest-graded player by PFF so far this season. 

Every week that he suits up for the 49ers, fans and opponents can see his brute strength and unreal speed for someone well over 300 pounds. What Kittle, the rest of his 49ers teammates and the coaching staff see is much more than an athletic marvel. It's also what makes him unique beyond bounds. 


Sure, Williams might as well be a Create-a-Player when it comes to offensive linemen. He just so happens to have a perfect GPA at the position, too. 

"What people don't realize, is that Trent is very mindful about his craft," 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel said. "He is very crafty in the game and it means a lot to him. He's very prideful and all of that stuff makes it very easy to utilize him at the point of attack. ... Unparalleled talent in conjunction with a guy that it means a lot to, that is trying to be the best of the best each and every day.

"That's meant a lot for our team and allowed us to do a lot of cool things with him this season and we'll hopefully continue to do.”

Kittle has caught five touchdown passes in the 49ers' last five games, including two last week against the Seattle Seahawks. But for as much as he loves making his way to the end zone, he might love blocking an opponent to a pulp even more. That's why you can hear the excitement in his voice when talking about the mind games that Williams plays with an unlucky defender trying to get past him. 

"Every single player that he plays is like a chess match," Kittle said. "He sets them up for failure every single play and it's just very intriguing to watch." 

In the end, it all comes back to his next-level athleticism. McDaniel simply never has seen a player like Williams. Not even close. 

"He's one of the only guys that I've ever been around that could legitimately play defensive line at a high level as an O-Lineman," McDaniel said. "Typically, they're just not that type of athlete."

If there's one missing part to Williams' career, it isn't just an All-Pro selection, which he should have had by this point in his career. While he protects the quarterback before finding a target in stride, one can only imagine what it would be like if Williams, who ran a 4.8 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, was the one catching a pass. 

Coach Kyle Shanahan even tried to get his star tackle a TD catch earlier this season, and to no surprise, Williams was double-covered. Kittle knows that Williams' time will come to finally get his six points, and he has a good idea who should be the one passing him the ball. 

Hint: It isn't Jimmy Garoppolo, or even Trey Lance. 

"Trent, he really wants that ball, but running, I know he's gonna get winded," Kittle said. "I know that he will. But you give him that shot, he'll take it. I bet you he'd do a really good job, I bet you he's a YAC monster.


"He's definitely a red-zone guy. I know that we're gonna give him a touchdown at some point. I'm looking forward to it, even if it needs to be a tight end reverse pass or something like that. I'll throw it."

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Kittle Special? Silverback Surprise? 

Call it what you want, but the thought of a touchdown would just be the latest example that there really is only one Trent Williams. Especially if Kittle somehow was on the throwing end of this wild dream.

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