What McGlinchey recalls of playing with Banks in college


The 49ers certainly have a thing for spending expensive draft capital on Notre Dame offensive lineman.

After drafting Mike McGlinchey in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft, general manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan doubled down by selecting Notre Dame guard Aaron Banks in the second round of this year's draft. 

Banks played alongside McGlinchey at Notre Dame, albeit not for long before the 49ers' right tackle was drafted by the 49ers. 

McGlinchey joined the Papa & Lund Show on KNBR 680 on Tuesday, where he was asked if the 49ers reached out to him for an evaluation on his former teammate.

"When you have a first-hand account in your organization of what those guys are like to work with, what they’re like as teammates, I think it would be foolish on their part not to ask somebody who knows first-hand," McGlinchey said. "Those guys are my friends, it’s not like I left Notre Dame and never talked to them ever again. I talk to those guys regularly, we still have a group chat going. Any time a guy from Notre Dame that I played with comes up, they always ask me my opinion, and certainly guys who were in my position room."

McGlinchey vouched for Banks as a player on the field, and a person off the field. 


"I know what Banks is capable of, I know the kind of athletic ability he has, I know the size that he has, and I know how good of a guy he is too. That’s what we look for here, and that’s what John [Lynch] and Kyle [Shanahan] have always looked for. Obviously, ‘how can they help us on the field?’ but ‘what can they do for us in the locker room?’ too. Aaron crushes every test that comes up with all of that.”

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As of right now, many believe that Banks will have an opportunity to start at guard early in the season, if not right away. His former teammate believes that he can get up-to-speed very quickly. 

"Having that kind of strength and big body in [pass-protection] and being able to move people off the ball. He’ll get up to speed quick, we have a great coach in [49ers offensive line coach Chris Foerster] who has done this a long time that’s going to help Aaron get up to speed as fast as possible. I have no qualms about Aaron being ready to go.”

Banks is from the Bay Area, attending El Cerrito High School just north of Berkely. For now, he will prepare for the upcoming season surrounded by friends and family. 

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