What Saints teammate Cam Jordan told Drew Brees after kneeling comments

What Saints teammate Cam Jordan told Drew Brees after kneeling comments

Cam Jordan couldn't believe what he was hearing. He has considered Drew Brees a friend and a brother ever since he was drafted in 2011 and became teammates with the star quarterback. 

Jordan, a defensive end for the New Orleans Saints, attended a packed Black Lives Matter rally at Duncan Plaza in New Orleans on Wednesday, the same day Brees said "I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country" when asked about kneeling during the national anthem in the wake of George Floyd, an African American man in Minneapolis, being killed in police custody. 

After watching what Brees said, Jordan called his teammate to try to get him to understand that the peaceful protest started by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2016 was to protest racial injustices and police brutality.

"I feel like I gave him my perspective -- it was almost like I was trying to force him to walk a mile in my shoes -- and I hope it gets through," Jordan told NFL.com Wednesday night. "I hope it gets through to my guy Drew, because that's what he is ... he's been my guy since I entered the league (in 2011).

"He's been the leader and a guy I can rely on -- on the field. Well, off the field has to align. I can't allow people to tippy-toe on the line of this issue. You can't play both sides on this one. We're fighting to end social injustice, and you're either with us or you aren't."

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Jordan, who attended Cal in college and is a five-time Pro Bowl defensive end, wasn't the only NFL player to show disappointment and anger in Bress' comments or even the only Saints teammate to do so. Safety Malcolm Jenkins and star receiver Michael Thomas let their feelings be known on Twitter as well. 

Brees apologized for his insensitive comments Thursday morning, but it's clear his initial words will carry over to the locker room. 

"I mean, of course it will," Jordan said. "In our locker room, we hold people accountable. I've already talked to 10 to 12 teammates, and a coach or two, and with the man himself (Brees). You have to put him legitimately in our shoes, and at the same time, I don't want to force feed him. I want to walk in his shoes, too.

"[The national anthem] is a source of pride for him. But he has to know what that act is all about, and what it really represents."

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Jordan wants Brees to understand one thing: Kneeling never was about disrespecting the flag or the military. There's a reason why Nate Boyer, a former Green Beret, gave Kaepernick the green light to kneel.

"I understand that Drew has military ties, and he went on to explain that [in our conversation], but the first nine words ('I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag') are the most hurtful," Jordan said. "He's creating the emotional illusion that everyone who takes a knee is disrespecting the flag, when we've spent years trying to explain what the protest is really about.

"This flag is supposed to protect all of us. I support the military, too -- I've done multiple USO Tours. My grandfather was in the Army and later served as the first black highway patrolman in Phoenix. My uncle was in the Navy. And my wife's dad was in the Marines.

"I know Drew is a phenomenal person. I know he gives back to the community. I know what's in his heart and how he pours out his heart. But maybe I didn't get clear enough about what the movement meant in 2017, when we all knelt in unison in London."

What Steve Young did late in 49ers career that shocked Steve Mariucci

What Steve Young did late in 49ers career that shocked Steve Mariucci

When Steve Mariucci took over as the 49ers' next head coach ahead of the 1997 season, Steve Young already was established as a star quarterback in the NFL. 

By that point, Young had 12 years in the league under his belt. He had two MVP trophies to his name and multiple Super Bowl rings. When Mariucci arrived for training camp in '97, though, Young still found a way to surprise his new coach

"When we came into training camp, most teams will test their athletes to see if they're in shape and high schools and colleges will do the same thing ... Steve Young would really be the best guy as far as our test was concerned," Mariucci said Monday on 95.7 The Game's "Damon, Ratto & Kolsky" show. "He was right up there and would pass most of the time all the receivers and running backs and corners.

"This guy was a great athlete. Forget about being 36, 37 and 38 years old, he was really a top shelf, well-trained athlete."

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Young was turning 36 in just three months during Mariucci's first training camp with the 49ers. It was well established that he was one of the best dual-threat QBs ever, a player well ahead of his time.

Before Mariucci arrived on the scene, Young had accumulated over 25,000 passing yards and more than 3,500 rushing yars. He already had 124 passing touchdowns and 34 rushing TDs. And then Young led the NFL in completion percentage (67.7) for the fourth straight year in his first season under Mariucci. Young had 3,029 passing yards, 199 rushing yards and 22 total TDs in '97.

Young was again great in '98 with 4,170 passing yards, 36 touchdowns through the air, 454 rushing yards and six more TDs on the ground. But he played just three games in '99, ending his career with bevy of concussions.

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"It's a shame, I really do believe I had him in his prime," Mariucci said. "Had he not gotten a couple of concussions, I think he could have played into his 40s just like we saw Brett Favre and Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Steve Young was still throwing the ball very, very well late in his 30s."

While it's no secret Young is one of the greatest athletes football fans have ever seen, even a Hall of Famer can surprise his coach here and there with his ridiculous talent.

Madden 21 leak reveals top-10 rated 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo not listed

Madden 21 leak reveals top-10 rated 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo not listed

Like anything else on the internet, Madden NFL 21 rankings have been leaked and 49ers fans should be happy. Well, at least for the most part. 

The 49ers are one of only 11 teams with three or more players with rankings of at least 90 overall, according to Madden-School.com. They also are the only NFC West team to have that honor. 

Here are the 49ers' top 10 players in this year's version of Madden. You'll notice there's one big name missing. 

George Kittle: 98
Trent Williams: 92
Richard Sherman: 92
Nick Bosa: 89
Fred Warner: 87
Arik Armstead: 86
Kyle Juszczyk: 86
Dee Ford: 85
Mike McGlinchey: 85
Raheem Mostert: 84

That's right, Jimmy Garoppolo is not among the 49ers' top 10 49ers in the game. It already was revealed Garoppolo isn't among the top 10 quarterbacks in Madden, and now the same goes for the 49ers as a whole. Even fullback Kyle Juszczyk and running back Raheem Mostert are ahead of Jimmy G. 

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It appears Garoppolo is on the outside looking in with an 83 overall ranking. 

To no surprise, Kittle is the 49ers' highest ranked player but fans still might not be happy with his 98. How didn't he receive a 99 ranking? Only Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Donald and Stephon Gilmore joined this club this year.

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All Nick Bosa needed was one season to nearly receive a 90 ranking. He's right on the cusp at 89 overall, and already is seen as the NFC champion's fourth-best player. Bosa made his mark as the Defensive Rookie of the Year and is primed for stardom. 

It also should be noted the 49ers replaced Joe Staley with a left tackle who didn't play a single snap last year and still is ranked 92 overall. Garoppolo isn't even seen as a top 10 player on his own team, but he'd much rather have a star like Trent Williams protecting his blind side than a high video game ranking. 

In the grand scheme of everything, Madden rankings mean absolutely nothing. Zip, zilch. But this is just another example of the 49ers talented roster looking to make another Super Bowl run.