When legalized sports gambling will likely be approved in California

When legalized sports gambling will likely be approved in California

California’s path to legalized sports betting is not expected to be as quick or as easy as other states in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling removing the law that prevented all states other than Nevada from accepting sports bets.

The issue: Any change in the law entails a constitutional amendment, which because it requires a public vote is a more difficult process than merely ramrodding a bill through the Assembly and Senate. According to some experts, such a proposal would have only until late June to get such a measure on the November ballot, and it would require a two-thirds vote to gain approval.

That said, Democratic assemblyman Adam Gray of Merced prepared such an amendment – Assembly Constitutional Amendment 18 – a year ago, so much of the preliminary work has been done. In addition, while hearings would have to be held on any such measure to sort out details on what enterprises could take bets and under what conditions, there seems to be little true opposition on either side of the aisle to such a bill.

In addition, more than 75 percent of eligible voters in California are eligible to vote, the highest percentage for any off-year election in 64 years, and the sense among political analysts is that would also aid voter approval of a gambling amendment.

Thus, while legalized betting in California is not a slam-dunk to be available by the beginning of the football seasons (college and pro), there is no sense that it won’t eventually be approved. Only West Virginia has actually enacted a law allowing sports wagering, and Delaware is considered next, as a law already enacted was put on hold after a lawsuit brought by the sports leagues blocking implementation. Pennsylvania has also enacted a law that was pending repeal of PASPA, the federal law that prohibited open sports betting everywhere but Nevada, but there have objections raised over the proposed 35% tax rate.

In short, most states still have similar hurdles to legalization, so that the real cascade of legal betting, if it actually happens, is likely to happen in 2019.

T.O. 'not actively seeking' NFL return, expounds on Hall of Fame decision


T.O. 'not actively seeking' NFL return, expounds on Hall of Fame decision

Terrell Owens still is showing off the kind of spectacular shape he is in, even at 44 years old. Just look at his social media pages, and you'll see T.O. working out with today's NFL stars and running a blazing 40-yard dash. 

Even though he's about to be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is Owens looking to make a comeback? 

On Tuesday, Canada-based agent Jason Staroszik told TSN and ESPN that T.O. "100 percent" wants to play football again. On Wednesday at the ESPYS, the former 49ers wide receiver clarified his comments. 

Owens says he isn't "actively seeking to get into the NFL," but he did say he would entertain other opportunities with football, including the CFL. 

"I know that I do have the ability to play," Owens said, via ESPN.com. "I know everybody sees the shape that I'm in. There's a lot of athletes that play their prospective sports, but there are few guys that defy the odds. I think I'm one of those guys.

"It's unfortunate that I haven't been able to continue my career, but again, I'm not actively seeking to get into the NFL; but again, if there's an opportunity for me to play, then yeah, I will entertain that, as well as the CFL."

The hot topic with Owens lately has been his decision to not attend the Hall of Fame ceremony. Instead of being in Canton, Ohio next month, Owens will make his own speech at his alma mater, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

"It's always unfortunate, and people have a lot to say when someone does something different, but what I'm doing is not wrong," he said.

Owens said he has been working every day on his acceptance speech. As far as what went into his decision to not attend the ceremony, Owens looked to legendary basketball coach John Wooden. 

"For me, I think, overall, everybody's obviously wondering what went into my decision," Owens said. "I think John Wooden said it best: 'Be more concerned about your character than your reputation.' I think what the noise is right now is more about my reputation than my actual character.

"They're making the narrative more so about me offending the Hall of Famers, and that has nothing to do with it. I respect all of those Hall of Famers that have gone in before me and going in with me and after me. It has nothing to do with those Hall of Famers."

Greg Cosell believes this 49ers player is poised for a breakout season


Greg Cosell believes this 49ers player is poised for a breakout season

With the 146th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected ...

George Kittle.

The tight end from Iowa had a solid rookie season, racking up 43 catches for 515 yards and two touchdowns.

On the latest episode of the 49ers Insider Podcast with Matt Maiocco, NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell was talking about Kyle Shanahan and Rams head coach Sean McVay. And then, unsolicited, Cosell pivoted the conversation to Kittle.

"You know, I think one player we should mention who I really liked coming out of college -- and I know he fought some injuries last year, but I think that he has a chance to be a really meaningul part of this offense -- and that's George Kittle," Cosell said. "I think George Kittle is a really good tight end who can do a lot of things.

"He can line up and be a really good blocking tight end -- and obviously we know that Kyle's offense does start with the run game. I think he's more athletic than people probably give him credit for.

"I remember studying him coming out of Iowa and looking at some of his combine measureables -- some were superior to those of OJ Howard from Alabama, and I think people would be surprised by that.

"In this offense, he might not catch 80 balls, but he might average 14, 15 yards a catch, and for a tight end, that's pretty darn good."

Kittle had his best game in the season finale, making four catches for 100 yards at the Rams.