Where Jimmy G has improved most for 49ers in Saleh's eyes

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SANTA CLARA -- From a defensive perspective, Robert Saleh has seen steady improvement from Jimmy Garoppolo since his arrival in Santa Clara. 

Even though the 49ers’ quarterback took his team to the Super Bowl last season, there still are many football pundits who doubt Garoppolo's talent and abilities. 

Saleh believes those questions are unwarranted from what he has seen from Garoppolo thus far. He has seen quicker decisions from the man under center, along with his unquestionable arm talent. 

“When I say decisive, I mean just decisive when that ball is in his hands and out on his back foot,” Saleh said. “When he hits his back foot in his drop it’s a thing of beauty and you’re seeing more and more of it throughout camp.” 

Garoppolo finished the 2019 regular season with nearly 4,000 yards passing, 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. He technically only has started 27 games since arriving in Santa Clara in 2017. 

This training camp, Saleh sees less time where the ball is in the quarterback’s hands unsure of where to go with it. He has noticed a quickness mentally and physically. 

Saleh also senses Garoppolo has a heightened comfort in Kyle Shanahan’s system. There are less questions about the famously complex system and the quarterback regularly has been seen directing traffic on the field. 

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The defensive coordinator is confident that Garoppolo only will continue his upward trajectory as he gets more experience on the field. 

“I could only imagine it’s only going to get better and better once we get into game planning and settling things in.”