Believe it not, Jimmy Garoppolo has a flaw.

I know, it's hard to fathom, but 49ers tight end George Kittle revealed during Super Bowl Opening Night on Monday in Miami that the 49ers quarterback is bad at responding to text messages.

Really, really bad.

Asked if there was a "not-so-perfect side" of Garoppolo, Kittle offered this:

"He is the worst texter of all time," Kittle told the media in Miami. "I'm telling you, he leaves me on 'Read' all the time. I'll be like 'Hey Jimmy, I've got a question. Maybe on this play, should I run my route like this?' No Response. 'Jimmy, want to go to a movie?' No response. And then next day he's like 'Yeah, I got your text. I just didn't respond.' Thanks, Jim. That's awesome. So yeah, he's a bad texter. Bad communication."

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So the next time you look at Jimmy G's perfect chin line, just remember that he's a bad texter.