There are things that you should believe in when it comes to your first Super Bowl start as a quarterback: The first is believing in yourself. The second is your offensive line. The third ... ghosts?

The beauty of Super Bowl Opening Night is you never know what questions the media will throw at you. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been put through the wringer ahead of the matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

He's been asked everything from what makes the team so special, what it's like being the best-looking quarterback in the game and if he believes in ghosts. This conversation was sparked by For The Win's Andy Nesbitt who asked Jimmy G what his favorite emoji is.

Despite not being much of an emoji guy, and a terrible texter according to teammate George Kittle, he did say some of the other players appreciate using the ghost character on their text keyboard. He immediately responded:

So here's the thing. Garoppolo has never seen a ghost, so he has no personal evidence that they truly exist.

But if he says "they're real," that's good enough for me.


"You've got to believe in something, right?"

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Some of the ghosts of Jimmy G's past were brought up -- mainly his three seasons with the Patriots and the advice he received from quarterback Tom Brady. Garoppolo served as his backup in two Super Bowl appearances with New England, so a text exchange was bound to happen.

Brady kept it short and sweet: "Go win," was part of what was said.

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