SANTA CLARA -- Kyle Shanahan, his staff and the 49ers players are preparing this week as if there is a game on Sunday.

The only difference is the 49ers will have a day off on Saturday before traveling to Miami on Sunday for Super Bowl LIV, which will take place the following week on Feb. 2.

That is why Shanahan and defensive coordinator Robert Saleh will install their game plans and have a full week of practice at their team facility and study this week even though there is another full week before they face the Kansas City Chiefs  for the Lombardi Trophy.

“Once you get down there, it’s hectic,” Shanahan said on Monday, a day after the 49ers wrapped up a spot in the Super Bowl with a 37-20 victory over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game.

The 49ers broke down film Monday and met with the players. They also had a meeting set up with players and staff to go over logistics, as well as the ticket situation for the Super Bowl.

After a day off on Tuesday, the preliminary game plan will be presented to the players. The 49ers will hold practices Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as part of their normal game-week routine.


“We try to do everything before (traveling),” Shanahan said. “We have the whole week when we get there, but we have different media obligations that get you out of your routine and everything. You don’t want to play catchup at the end of a Super Bowl week. You want to do that now.”

Shanahan said he learned from Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn three years ago that it was best to jump right back into work after the NFC Championship Game without taking any time to relax. Shanahan was the offensive coordinator on that staff.

The players will be expected to have a good grasp of the game plan, so when they continue preparations in Miami nothing will be unfamiliar.

“You have the time to work when you get out there, but there are a little more distractions,” Shanahan said.

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Once the 49ers arrive in Miami, Shanahan said there will be some adjustments to the plan devised to go against the Chiefs made based on what the coaching staff sees from the week of practices in Santa Clara.

“You do a lot of tinkering,” Shanahan said. “And you watch a lot of stuff, and it all depends on what you’re going against. But it’s also nice to get a trial run of the whole week, too.”

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