Mostert: 'Sky is the limit' for 49ers' offense going forward

/ by Eduardo Razo
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Miami Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert spent six NFL seasons with the 49ers and understands the requirement coach Kyle Shanahan demands from the position. 

The 30-year-old revealed what it is about the offensive system that Shanahan and Mike McDaniel, the former 49ers offensive coordinator-turned-Dolphins coach, run that puts players in the proper position to succeed out of the backfield.

Mostert recorded 1,971 total yards from scrimmage in 46 games with the 49ers and 1,093 total yards from scrimmage this past 2022 NFL season with Miami. 

"I think they put you in a good position," Mostert told NBC Sports Bay Area's Jennifer Lee Chan and Matt Maiocco at Super Bowl LVII Radio Row on Thursday's episode of "49ers Talk." "They put you in a position to win, to be successful. If you look across the board of the offense, you'll see everybody lined up and you see all the guys that have been successful in this offense, in the receiver game, tight ends, and even the O-line. 

"They do a great job of just trying to put guys in the best position to win their one-on-one battles. And once you do that, the sky is the limit." 

Mostert also noted that for running backs to succeed in San Francisco's offense, they need to be flexible, which Mostert showed during his time in the Bay. 

"You got to be versatile," Mostert continued. "I guess you could say you got to be effective as much as you are in the run game and in the past game. I think that's a very key attribute that you have to have in regards to being a running back, not only in this system but in the league throughout, because you could say that this league is definitely changing to more of a pass league. 


"So you do have to be effective in the run game, and I think you have to be very versatile in this league for sure, and what better way to try to be versatile in the pass game."

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Despite leaving the Bay for Miami on a one-year, $3.1 million contract, Mostert remains to be in a similar offensive system. McDaniel, who was also San Francisco's running back coordinator during his 49ers tenure, is part of Shanahan's coaching tree and runs a similar scheme. 

San Francisco traded for running back Christian McCaffrey before the 2022 NFL trade deadline on Oct. 20, and the Stanford product exploded offensively under Shanahan's system. McCaffrey rivaled Erick Dickerson as the most productive midseason addition and will likely continue to thrive heading into the 2023 season. 

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