Why Kittle didn't invite Tebow to Tight End University

Tim Tebow

As Tim Tebow attempts to resurrect his NFL career as a tight end with the Jacksonville Jaguars, it probably would benefit the 33-year-old to get some pointers from the best at the position including 49ers star George Kittle.

Unfortunately for Tebow, he did not get an invite to Kittle's Tight End University as spots were limited and Kittle struggled with inviting someone who just started playing the position.

"So, nothing against Tim Tebow, but I found it hard to invite -- I wish nothing but the best for Tim Tebow, and I hope he has a fantastic season playing tight end -- but it’s hard for me not to invite a backup tight end on, let’s say the New York Giants, as opposed to inviting a guy who just started playing the tight end position because we do have limited spots,” Kittle said on the "Pardon My Take" podcast. “I wish I could make it so every NFL tight end can come, it’s accessible to everybody. But what we tried to do this year, we wanted to pay for everything for all the tight ends that come to kind of make it a special event for all tight ends.”

Kittle noted that initially they only expected 20 people to sign up for Tight End U, but that number ballooned to around 50 and led to the hotel they are staying at running out of rooms.


However, tight end Greg Olsen, who is hosting Tight End U with Kittle, was blunter.

“If he’s on a roster this year, and he plays tight end, we would love to have him, we would love to work with him,” Olsen said. “Once he’s officially a tight end, we would love to work with him.”

Tebow has been competing in Jaguars' minicamp but is one of six tight ends on the roster. He will have to have an impressive training camp to beat out Luke Farrell, Chris Manhertz, Tyler Davis, James O'Shaughnessy and Ben Ellefson.

Manhertz, who signed a two-year, $6.65 million contract this offseason, did receive an invite to Tight End U from Kittle and Olsen.

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When coming out of Florida, Tebow was approached about the idea of changing positions from quarterback to tight end, but he declined. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos and had an impressive run in the 2011 season where he led the Broncos to an upset win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card Round.

But Tebow's career bottomed out shortly thereafter and he hasn't played in an NFL game since 2012.

Now, he's looking to resurrect his career at a different position. But he'll have to prove he can do the job before getting an invite to Tight End U next season.

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