GM says 49ers 'ruined' draft trade market with move to No. 3

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With three days remaining until the 49ers make their long-awaited selection with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the move has begun to upset personnel around the league.

The 49ers traded away multiple first-round draft picks and an additional third-round draft pick in order to move up from No. 12 and take a quarterback. That's a hefty price to pay, but it's clear they feel confident with their options.

NBC Sports' Peter King speculates that trades within the first 10 selections could be limited this year. He quotes one NFL GM, who told him that "The 49ers ruined the market by trading two ones to move nine spots.”

What one GM labels 'ruining the market,' 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan calls going after his quarterback of the future. 

The 49ers paid a pretty penny, but it's not like they gave up a historic, unforeseen amount of picks. Most trades within the first round happen on draft night, where the price to trade up will likely be less than it was when the 49ers made their trade. 

Other teams, such as the New England Patriots have expressed interest in trading up to one of the top-10 selections. Because the 49ers have kept their choice at QB close to the vest, nobody really knows who they will pick.

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Because the 49ers have cast such a wide net and expressed interest in three quarterback prospects, other teams around the league might be forced to wait and see who the 49ers select before making a trade to move into the top-10. 


"The early bird gets the worm," or in the case of the 49ers, the choice of three intriguing QB prospects.

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