Why Jimmy Garoppolo's recent success could make 49ers more dangerous

Why Jimmy Garoppolo's recent success could make 49ers more dangerous

Jimmy Garoppolo is coming off arguably the best game of his career, throwing for four touchdowns in the 49ers' 28-25 win over the Arizona Cardinals last Thursday. 

He completed 28 completions of 37 attemps and four touchdowns topped it off with an Erin Andrews interview that had the internet buzzing. But will Jimmy G's success continue?

It's doubtful he'll have another one-on-one with Andrews in which he uses "baby" as a concluding quip, but this could be the start of something special for him on the field.

"I think I've sat here each and every week saying 'Kyle Shanahan is making this passing game he's scripting, creating these wide-open receivers,'" NBC Sports fantasy analyst Josh Norris said. "And really what Jimmy Garoppolo has had to do is throw the football and get the ball there, but what we saw against the Cardinals, which again, was on a short week, we saw for like series at a time, Jimmy Garoppolo was the one who stepped up."

Norris went on to detail a specific route Garoppolo had with wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders that spotlighted Jimmy G's instincts in the pocket.

But Norris wants to see more.

"Now I'm not going to bank too much just on one performance especially against one of the worst Cardinals' defenses across the league, but if he can build on these, this is a team that could be even more dangerous if their quarterback is also making plays with a genius play-caller and also one of the best running games in the NFL."

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What Garoppolo did against Arizona was sensational, and he stood out on an already successful team that is dominating in every aspect of the game. As Norris says, if this was just the beginning of what the quarterback has to offer, that means great news for 49ers fans and fantasy owners ... but bad news for opponents. 

49ers' Richard Sherman calls out report on 2020 NFL season negotiations

49ers' Richard Sherman calls out report on 2020 NFL season negotiations

That's not exactly how Richard Sherman saw it.

The 49ers cornerback contradicted NFL Media's Ian Rapoport when he reported on Friday morning that the NFL and the league's Players' Association were nearly done with negotiations for the 2020 NFL season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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"Huge outstanding issues still are unresolved," Sherman tweeted in response to Rapoport's report. "We haven't agreed to anything in their proposal and literally just sent them a response. But all will be revealed."

Sherman has been one of the more outspoken players for the 49ers when it came to institutional response to the pandemic. He also questioned the motives of California Gov. Gavin Newsom after he reversed course several months back on the return of sports in the state.

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We've seen a litany of players and team officials from sports around the country who have tested positive for the virus in recent weeks, and concerns continue to be raised about whether the NFL indeed will be able to proceed with fans in attendance at games along with a standard league schedule, which would require teams to travel all over the U.S. over the fall months when a potential second wave of coronavirus could take hold.

It remains to be seen how the league will come to an agreement with its players, as NFL camps are scheduled to open next month.

Deebo Samuel wants Jets' Jamal Adams on 49ers as trade rumors swirl

Deebo Samuel wants Jets' Jamal Adams on 49ers as trade rumors swirl

Deebo Samuel likes the idea of another potential Super Bowl run for the 49ers.

All-Pro New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has requested a trade from the Big Apple, and the 49ers have been one of his most-rumored potential destinations. Samuel took to his Instagram story on Thursday night to send a subtle message of encouragement to the 24-year-old safety.

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Both the 49ers and Seattle Seahawks have been reported to be in negotiations with the Jets regarding Adams, who has been an All-Pro in each of the past two seasons.

There are plenty of potential hurdles for the 49ers if they wanted to complete a potential trade for Adams. He has two years remaining on his rookie deal in New York and holds very little leverage outside of opting not to report to training camp and holding out. The Jets rightfully are asking for a high price, likely needing at least one first-round pick to even have a seat at the table in negotiations. All of that neglects to mention that Adams wants to be paid like the NFL's best safety (which he has a pretty good argument for being), but the 49ers' front office still has to pay George Kittle what is expected to be well above the current tight end market value.

Nevertheless, you can't blame Deebo for trying to bring as much talent to the 49ers as possible. 

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