Why Juice believes Jimmy G isn't bothered by offseason rumors


You might have heard Jimmy Garoppolo's name mentioned this offseason. A lot.

The 49ers have been a focal point in all quarterback carousel talks, with many believing San Francisco needs to make a change under center to reach its Super Bowl ceiling. None of that noise is impacting Garoppolo, though.

"I think it would be naive to say that he doesn't hear any of it, but the guy really doesn't hear a lot of it," fullback Kyle Juszczyk told "The Pat McAfee Show" on Monday h/t 49ers Webzone. "He's not super active on social media. I mean, you'll see the guy post like once a month on his Instagram, and it's usually some sort of ad for some high-end car dealership or something. I don't think he has a Twitter account, and if he does, he's not very active on it.

"And I know he keeps things really close in-house. The guy hangs out with his brothers, mostly, spends a lot of time with his family, just kind of has a tight-knit group of guys, and so he's not really putting himself out there and letting himself listen to that kind of stuff because I think he knows how toxic it can be and what it can lead to. You've seen in other situations where guys just get hammered down reading negative things about themselves."

Hearing his name mentioned in the rumor mill is old hat for Garoppolo. Last offseason, after the 49ers collapsed late in Super Bowl LIV, many tabbed Garoppolo as the 49ers' weak link. General manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan were open about the 49ers looking into signing Tom Brady, but they ultimately opted to run it back with Garoppolo instead. Brady, of course, showed he was still a near-elite quarterback this past season by leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl title, knocking off the Kansas City Chiefs with a better-executed version of the 49ers' game plan from Super Bowl LIV.


This offseason has seen the 49ers listed as potential suitors for Matthew Stafford and Deshaun Watson. The 49ers reportedly dipped their toes in the Stafford trade waters but were beat to the punch by the Los Angeles Rams, who went all-in to acquire the signal-caller Sean McVay desired.

As for Watson, the Houston Texans have so far been unwilling to engage in any trade discussions for the 25-year-old franchise quarterback.

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The 49ers do own the No. 12 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, which could allow them to draft a quarterback like Alabama's Mac Jones and shift and extend their title window by building around a QB on a rookie contract. The 49ers also could trade up for the likes of Justin Fields or Zach Wilson, but it's unlikely they will want to spend the draft capital needed to make such a move.

It's more than likely that Garoppolo will be the 49ers' starting quarterback come Week 1 of next season. The 49ers have to improve their depth behind him, but, as long as he's healthy, Garoppolo should once again be the guy tasked with leading the 49ers back to the Super Bowl.

Noise? What noise? -- Garoppolo probably somewhere sipping an umbrella drink having not seen his phone in two months.

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