The 49ers were fun to watch last season. From the very beginning to the bitter end losing in Miami during Super Bowl LIV.

Sorry, too soon -- we know. 

That could create a more exciting upcoming season for the team who created so many storylines. One storyline might even be with Tom Brady.

No, he didn't sign with the 49ers -- that ship has sailed. Brady heading to Tampa Bay does, however, possibly boost San Francisco's chances of having the limelight on them a bit more from a television perspective.

NBC Sports' Peter King ranked the 49ers as the fourth-most attractive TV team for next season. 

King said that the outcome to Brady going to the Buccaneers will help the entirety of the NFC.

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"That makes the FOX Sunday product better, theoretically, because 12 of Tampa Bay's 16 games are against NFC foes, and FOX is the NFC network," King wrote.

Brady moves to an even more difficult division, which ultimately brings more eyes to the game, but the 49ers won't have it any easier in the West. 

Why not coat-tail off Brady's new home?