Why Wilson threw to Moore late in 49ers' loss to Seahawks


With the game decided between the 49ers and Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Russell Wilson surprisingly chose to throw a quick pass to wideout David Moore with less than a minute remaining instead of kneeling down and running out the clock.

It turns out there was a wholesome reason for the call from Wilson, as the catch earned Moore a $100,000 bonus on his contract for his 35th catch of the season. 

“We called that play because David had a $100,000 [bonus] if he gets that catch,” Wilson told reporters after the game (h/t Lindsay Wisniewski). “You know, it’s a blessing to be able to help his family, his daughter and all that stuff, so that’s a part of the game.

"We wanted to get him that catch, so we were able to dial it up for him on that last play."

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Especially in a rivalry game, it might initially have seemed like some poor sportsmanship to run a pass play with the result already in hand for the Seahawks. But every 49ers player likely can understand the allure of earning a contract incentive, especially one as lucrative as the six figures Moore earned. Wilson knelt on the next play and ran out the remainder of the clock.

Moore was scheduled to make a $900,000 base salary in 2020, so getting more than 10 percent of that in a bonus must have felt pretty good.


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