Why 49ers' Williams calls pancake on Hicks one of his best


When a tweet goes viral, you have to ask why. When one of Trent Williams’ tackles goes viral, the question answers itself.

A clip of the 49ers’ left tackle took over NFL Twitter when this happened during the 24-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday: 

Yeah, we have it on repeat, too. Williams probably does as well as he dubbed what he did to Cardinals linebacker Jordan Hicks as one of his best ever.

"I think that's one of the best ones I've probably had, probably put on tape," Williams told reporters on Thursday (h/t 49ers Webzone). "I've had some good shots where out on a screen, you kind of catch a little guy. But in the box, it's a lot harder to get those types of blocks. So I think it would probably rank at the top of my career."

Last year's Defensive Rookie of the Year Nick Bosa also was impressed by how clean the hit was and showed how Williams destroys those in his path.  

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“He destroyed that guy," Bosa said. "I think that’s super impressive. It’s not something that not many tackles do, but I’m more impressed by how he held up against Chandler Jones the entire game.” 

This is the dude who squatted 585 pounds as if it were nothing, so anything Williams does is worth watching.