Trent Williams has many reasons he loves playing for 49ers

Trent Williams

When the 49ers acquired Trent Williams from the Washington Football Team during the 2020 NFL Draft, there was pure elation felt all throughout Northern California and nothing but angry if you headed down south. The Los Angeles Rams, to no surprise, were not happy campers.

"Me and Sean [McVay] are pretty cool, too," Williams said on the most recent episode of "The Adam Schefter Podcast." "It was a tough decision. I felt like San Francisco was the place to be." 

As Joe Staley was set to retire, the 49ers added Williams on a steal of a deal. All they had to send Washington was a fifth-round pick in the 2020 draft and a third-round pick in the 2021 draft. That's it. 

Since Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch came to the Bay Area, there hasn't been a better move than bringing in Williams. And he couldn't be happier to be here. 

"I love it, man. I love it," Williams said. "It's just a joy coming to work every day for a team that works as hard as they do -- as we do -- with a coach that's as smart as the coach that we have, with owners that care as much as our owners care, a GM that's hands-on and as relateable as John Lynch is.

"It makes coming to work easy, it makes being a 49er pretty easy." 

Williams was named to the Pro Bowl for his eighth straight season in his first year with the 49ers. But they won only six games in an injury-riddled season. After a slow start to the season this year, the 49ers have won three straight games and find themselves right back in the playoff race


"We kind of are starting to hit that stride," Williams said. "We still have a couple things we need to clean up. We've been faced with a little bit of the injury bug, so we still have to recover from that. We're in a good place right now.

"Definitely a better place that we felt we were a month ago." 

One month ago, the 49ers had lost their fifth game in six contests. Their season seemed lost, wasting a dominant season from Williams. The way this NFL season has gone, however, everything can change in a flash. 

That's why Williams still likes the 49ers' chances, a lot. 

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"Honestly, when you look at it, I feel the NFL is about as even as it has been in a long time -- especially when you look at the NFC," Williams said. "All the teams ... 80 percent of the teams are right there with about the same record. There's a couple frontrunners, but it's all pretty even. So when you look at it like that, I just feel like this team making another run like '19 isn't too far out of reach. I feel like that's the goal.

"Obviously that's the goal for 70 percent of the teams right now. It's definitely our goal. I think we can attain it. We have the talent to do so, we have to organization to do so. That's what we're striving for." 

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