Nick Wright proposes wild four-team Rodgers trade to 49ers


The reports of Aaron Rodgers' magnified discontent with the Green Bay Packers and the 49ers reaching out to gauge trade interest has NFL Twitter buzzing with the draft a few hours away. Any time reports of trade interest surface, out-of-the-box trade proposals come with it.

Fox Sports 1's Nick Wright threw out this potential domino of trades that would culminate with the 49ers landing the 2020 NFL MVP, and the Packers walking away with Trey Lance.

Moving your team's top young defensive player, a top-five draft pick and starting quarterback is quite a trade package. But for the prize of landing one of the league's all-time best quarterbacks coming off an MVP season, the 49ers should at least be looking into the possibility, especially given that the team was in a Super Bowl just two seasons ago, and has the requisite talent when healthy to make another deep postseason run in 2021.

Sage Rosenfels, who spent nearly a decade in the NFL as a quarterback, believes the 49ers would be giving up too much for Rodgers, who at 37 might not have that many years left as an MVP-caliber talent.

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We have seen Tom Brady continue to win Super Bowls after his 43rd birthday, so it is far from unreasonable to believe Rodgers' success will continue into his 40s.

General manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan likely have hyper-examined hundreds of trade proposals over the past five months during the draft evaluation process, even after the 49ers traded up to the third pick back in March.


All of the speculation and rumors finally will come to an end Thursday night, as the newest crop of NFL talent is welcomed in via the draft.

As Rodgers reportedly eyes the 49ers as a landing spot, it remains to be seen whether the Packers' unwillingness to trade him will wane as the day wears on, especially when the presumed heir to the QB1 position is waiting in the wings in Green Bay with 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love. 

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