The A’s 2017 schedule was released Wednesday, and one noteworthy feature is a traditional doubleheader scheduled for June 10 against Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field.

It’s the major leagues’ first scheduled doubleheader in six years, and that last one also featured the A’s, when they hosted the Angels in a twin bill at the Coliseum on July 16, 2011. That 2011 scheduled doubleheader was believed to be the first in the majors since 2003.

The A’s-Rays twin bill is a two-for-one deal for fans — buy one ticket and get admission for both games. That’s opposed to the “day-night” doubleheaders that often get played as a result of rainouts, where there’s a large time gap between the two games and fans need separate tickets for each game.

Like this season, the A’s and Giants will be play the Bay Bridge Series in a four-game series next year. The first two will be held at the Coliseum July 31-Aug. 1, with the final two at AT&T Park Aug. 2-3.

The A’s travel itinerary always includes some quirks and head-scratching routing. This season, for example, they played an August series in Chicago against the White Sox, flew all the way home to host Cleveland for three games, and then headed right back out to the Midwest to play the Cardinals.

Next season, they make five separate trips to the East Coast after making just three trips inside the Eastern Time Zone this season. In an annual characteristic that drives A’s officials bonkers, once again next season the A’s do not have a single trip that pairs Houston and Texas together. The A’s will make six separate trips to the Lone Star State to play the Astros and Rangers three times each.


The A’s do catch a bit of relief next season, as the schedule makers paired up a five-game road trip to Tampa Bay and Miami. Early drafts of the 2017 schedule were believed to have had the A’s traveling to one Florida city on one trip, then returning back to the Sunshine State shortly after to play the other team.

3 vs Los Angeles Angels
4 vs Los Angeles Angels
5 vs Los Angeles Angels
6 vs Los Angeles Angles
7 at Texas Rangers
8 at Texas Rangers
9 at Texas Rangers
10 at Kansas City Royals
12 at Kansas City Royals
13 at Kansas City Royals
14 vs Houston Astros
15 vs Houston Astros
16 vs Houston Astros
17 vs Texas Rangers
18 vs Texas Rangers
19 vs Texas Rangers
20 vs Seattle Mariners
21 vs Seattle Mariners
22 vs Seattle Mariners
23 vs Seattle Mariners
25 at Los Angeles Angels
26 at Los Angeles Angels
27 at Los Angeles Angels
28 at Houston Astros
29 at Houston Astros
30 at Houston Astros

2 at Minnesota Twins
3 at Minnesota Twins
4 at Minnesota Twins
5 vs Detroit Tigers
6 vs Detroit Tigers
7 vs Detroit Tigers
8 vs Los Angeles Angels
9 vs Los Angeles Angels
10 vs Los Angeles Angels
12 at Texas Rangers
13 at Texas Rangers
14 at Texas Rangers
15 at Seattle Mariners
16 at Seattle Mariners
17 at Seattle Mariners
18 vs Boston Red Sox
19 vs Boston Red Sox
20 vs Boston Red Sox
21 vs Boston Red Sox
23 vs Miami Marlins
24 vs Miami Marlins
26 at New York Yankees
27 at New York Yankees
28 at New York Yankees
29 at Cleveland Indians
30 at Cleveland Indians
31 at Cleveland Indians

1 at Cleveland Indians
2 vs Washington Nationals
3 vs Washington Nationals
4 vs Washington Nationals
5 vs Toronto Blue Jays
6 vs Toronto Blue Jays
7 vs Toronto Blue Jays
9 at Tampa Bay Rays
10 at Tampa Bay Rays
11 at Tampa Bay Rays
13 at Miami Marlins
14 at Miami Marlins
15 vs New York Yankees
16 vs New York Yankees
17 vs New York Yankees
18 vs New York Yankees
19 vs Houston Astros
20 vs Houston Astros
21 vs Houston Astros
22 vs Houston Astros
23 at Chicago White Sox
24 at Chicago White Sox
25 at Chicago White Sox
27 at Houston Astros
28 at Houston Astros
29 at Houston Astros
30 vs Atlanta Braves

1 vs Atlanta Braves
2 vs Atlanta Braves
3 vs Chicago White Sox
4 vs Chicago White Sox
5 vs Chicago White Sox
6 at Seattle Mariners
7 at Seattle Mariners
8 at Seattle Mariners
9 at Seattle Mariners
14 vs Cleveland Indians
15 vs Cleveland Indians
16 vs Cleveland Indians
17 vs Tampa Bay Rays
18 vs Tampa Bay Rays
19 vs Tampa Bay Rays
21 at New York Mets
22 at New York Mets
23 at New York Mets
24 at Toronto Blue Jays
25 at Toronto Blue Jays
26 at Toronto Blue Jays
27 at Toronto Blue Jays
28 vs Minnesota Twins
29 vs Minnesota Twins
30 vs Minnesota Twins
31 vs San Francisco Giants


1 vs San Francisco Giants
2 at San Francisco Giants
3 at San Francisco Giants
4 at Los Angeles Angels
5 at Los Angeles Angels
6 at Los Angeles Angels
8 vs Seattle Mariners
9 vs Seattle Mariners
10 vs Baltimore Orioles
11 vs Baltimore Orioles
12 vs Baltimore Orioles
13 vs Baltimore Orioles
14 vs Kansas City Royals
15 vs Kansas City Royals
16 vs Kansas City Royals
18 at Houston Astros
19 at Houston Astros
20 at Houston Astros
21 at Baltimore Orioles
22 at Baltimore Orioles
23 at Baltimore Orioles
25 vs Texas Rangers
26 vs Texas Rangers
27 vs Texas Rangers
28 at Los Angeles Angels
29 at Los Angeles Angels
30 at Los Angeles Angels

1 at Seattle Mariners
2 at Seattle Mariners
3 at Seattle Mariners
4 vs Los Angeles Angels
5 vs Los Angeles Angels
6 vs Los Angeles Angels
8 vs Houston Astros
9 vs Houston Astros
10 vs Houston Astros
12 at Boston Red Sox
13 at Boston Red Sox
14 at Boston Red Sox
15 at Philadelphia Phillies
16 at Philadelphia Phillies
17 at Philadelphia Phillies
18 at Detroit Tigers
19 at Detroit Tigers
20 at Detroit Tigers
22 vs Texas Rangers
23 vs Texas Rangers
24 vs Texas Rangers
25 vs Seattle Mariners
26 vs Seattle Mariners
27 vs Seattle Mariners
28 at Texas Rangers
29 at Texas Rangers
30 at Texas Rangers
1 at Texas Rangers

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