Alex Cintrón apologizes, denies insulting Ramón Laureano's mother


Houston Astros hitting coach Alex Cintrón has issued a public apology for his role in Sunday’s benches-clearing brawl during the A’s 7-2 win over the Astros.

Cintrón, according to Ramón Laureano, made an insult directed toward Laureano’s mother which was why the A’s outfielder charged at Cintrón after he walked to first base following a hit by pitch for the third time in the series. 

Cintrón said in the apology he “never referenced” Laureano’s mother, but did admit his actions were inappropriate. The league gave him a 20-game suspension in which Cintrón plans to serve.

A’s manager Bob Melvin, following the game, said he was made aware of what was said to Laureano.

“I think the league will know who it is, and that person should get suspended,” Melvin told reporters after Sunday’s game. “Hopefully that’s the case, and nowadays without fans in the stands, and mics everywhere, my guess is they know who he is.” 

When asked specifically what was said, Melvin said he wouldn’t tell us. 


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Laureano elected to appeal his six-game suspension. This means, while his original suspension would have begun Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Angels, it will be pushed back until the appeal process is complete. 

Following the scuffle, Laureano and A’s catcher Austin Allen were ejected from the game while nobody from the Astros was removed from the game. Astros manager Dusty Baker had been ejected earlier in the game for an unrelated reason.

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