Astros fans return favor, boo A's in Houston's home opener


The Athletics' bats stayed quiet during their 6-2 loss to the Astros on Thursday, but Houston fans did not.

Booing ensued as the A’s were introduced at Minute Maid Park ahead of the Astros' home opener. 

“It was loud in there, a lot of people I guess it’s going to be like that in a lot of places and maybe not so much in others with that size of a crowd, but it was actually kind of, I’ll say it was nice,” A’s outfielder Mark Canha said after the game. “Feels like we’re slowly getting back to normal, so hopefully, everything was done in a safe way.”

The boos weren't as loud when it came to utility guy Tony Kemp, who spent four seasons with the Astros from 2016-19. 

The booing was a form of payback in a way after the four-game series to open up the season with the two teams battling against one another in Oakland.

The booing by A's fans last week in Oakland didn’t help at all as Oakland was swept at home, beginning a six-game losing streak that finally ended with a walk-off win against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday.

The antics didn’t stop with the A’s, either. When the Astros traveled to Los Angeles to take on the Angels this week, fans made noise and even threw both a blow-up and real trash cans onto the field.

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In November 2019, A’s pitcher Mike Fiers revealed the Astros cheating ways when it was discovered the team used to steal signs electronically during their 2017 World Series run. Houston players were able to escape the backlash because fans weren't allowed in stadiums during the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Astros also had more fans -- 21,765 -- at Thursday’s game than what the A’s were used to as Texas COVID-19 guidelines allow for larger capacity at games.