Billy Beane addresses rumors he could leave A's for Mets

Billy Beane

The future of the Athletics is as big of a mystery as ever right now, especially after failing to make the playoffs this season. 

To make matters worse, rumors swirled last month that executive vice president of baseball operations Billy Beane, who also is a minority owner of the A's, could leave the organization to join the New York Mets. The rumors also included the Mets could be trying to swoop both Beane and manager Bob Melvin. 

On Monday, the often-quiet Beane addressed the rumors with the media.

There you have it. Or maybe you don't. 

Beane didn't exactly answer anything, as is expected from him. 

Beane's mentor, Sandy Alderson, currently is the Mets' team president. With the A's future in question, many believe Beane and Melvin could leave Oakland for the Big Apple. And it's easy to see why. 

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The Mets disappointed this season, finishing third in the NL East with a 77-85 season. On Monday, the Mets announced they have declined the 2022 option on manager Luis Rojas' contract, paving the way for Melvin to possibly take over. 

Will Beane, and possibly Melvin, leave the Bay Area for Queens? That question isn't close to being answered, but when there's smoke, there's fire, and the forecast could change in the near future.