Canha chides A's for 'playing pretty bad baseball' right now


It was hard for the Athletics to put just one finger on what went wrong in their 8-4 loss against the Baltimore Orioles at the Coliseum on Saturday. 

Starter Jesús Luzardo admitted he didn’t have command, the defense made several costly errors and the bats were extremely quiet until it was too late. A’s outfielder Mark Canha didn’t appear to blame fatigue when asked about how the players might be feeling at this point in the season after coming off of a seven-day road trip.

“I mean, I don’t know,” Canha said. “I don’t know how everybody’s feeling. I mean, it’s pretty early in the year. Kind of feels like normal -- not tired -- but it’s not easy to play 17 in a row. I don’t think that we’re tired, but I think just traveling, in general, does something to your headspace a little bit.

“Look, sometimes you’ve got to give credit, the Orioles swung the bat well against Jesús, and Jesús is a good pitcher and I think they’re playing pretty good baseball the last two nights and we’re playing pretty bad baseball and it’s just the way it goes sometimes,” Canha added.

“It’s baseball, you know. It can’t be perfect all the time and the game just kind of got away from us there. That just happens sometimes.”

The defense wasn’t working in the A's favor, and a couple of those plays that happened all on the same play made Canha say it “looks bad.”


The third inning was riddled with errors from the A’s in which Melvin described as “ugly” and uncharacteristic for the team. Canha added more to that. 

“Some of its just bad luck and you got to make the plays and we didn’t make the plays today,” Canha said.

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There’s room for growth, of course, It’s early in the season and the team’s best hitter, Matt Olson, is dealing with a stubborn eye injury that he sustained during batting practice this week.

“Sure. I think, they call it midseason form for a reason and nobody’s in form yet, maybe Olson you could argue is our best bat and he’s not in there which is unfortunate,” Canha said. “I feel like there’s a lot of things that I could do better and I’ve been kind of scuffling the last week.”