The guy just refuses to quit.

Bartolo Colon, 46, told ESPN on Monday that despite his age, he still wants to play ball.

"If I had the opportunity, I would play in any league; go anywhere," he said. "If any major league team wants an old man, I'm available!"

But the former A’s pitcher (2012-13) did say that the New York Mets hold a special place in his heart, and if he had it his way, he would retire with them.

"I've played with 10 teams, but with the Mets, the way all those players treated me, how that entire franchise treated me, from the front office to the kitchen staff, it was amazing. And Mets fans are the best. In the beginning, when they laughed at me every time my helmet fell off, at first I felt uncomfortable. But when I saw how much the fans enjoyed it, I asked for a bigger batting helmet so that it would fall more because it was so much fun for them!"

Colon became a fixture in MLB entertainment with quotes like that. It stretched beyond his durability to play for over two decades. 

He hasn’t pitched in the bigs since Sept. 22, 2018 when he was with the Texas Rangers. Colon had hoped an opportunity would present itself for the 2019 season, but that never happened. He admitted his age was probably a factor and “when you get older, teams no longer need your services.”


Colon, affectionately known as "Big Sexy," finished with a 5.78 ERA and 81 strikeouts in 146 1/3 innings in 2018.

If the Mets don’t want him, however, it appears he’s OK with that and willing to play anywhere at any level.

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He also told ESPN a story from when he was with the New York Yankees and manager Joe Girardi gave him a spot, but it would be out of the bullpen. Colon didn’t have to think about it -- he would do it. 

It appears he’s not too picky about where he pitches, or in what capacity, just as long as he continues to play.

So for those hoping he returns to Oakland ... you never know.