For the third time, the Oakland A's will begin their regular season in Tokyo in the 2019 Japan Opening Series. The A's will play host to the Seattle Mariners in the Tokyo Dome on March 20 and 21. 

Major League Baseball has opened its regular season five times in Japan and the A's have been a part of the opening series three times. The season last began in Tokyo in 2012 with the A's splitting two games against the Mariners. The A's also hosted and split two games with Red Sox in 2008. 

Once the A's return the states, Opening Day will be a home matinee versus the Angels on March 28, starting a seven-game homestand. 

The A's and Giants will fight for 'The Bridge' for the second straight season as the 2019 Bay Bridge Series starts in San Francisco. First the A's will travel across the Bay on Aug. 13 and 14 before hosting the Giants on Aug. 24 and 25. 

Three of the summer's biggest holidays will feature home games in Oakland. The A's host the Angels on Memorial Day, the Mariners on Father's Day and the Twins on the Fourth of July. 

The complete A's 2019 schedule can be seen here