Bobby Bonilla's $1.19M deferred contract payment more than these A's

Bobby Bonilla's $1.19M deferred contract payment more than these A's

Hello, July! And with that, it's time for your daily reminder that A's stars Matt Chapman and Matt Olson are vastly underpaid.

Every July 1, Bobby Bonilla is paid nearly $1.2 million from the New York Mets, a team the former All-Star last played for in 1999. Bonilla now is 57 years old, and hasn't played a MLB game since 2001. And yet, on Wednesday, his wallet grew on his own annual holiday.

So, how does this work? The New York Mets agreed in 2000 to buy out the rest of Bonilla's $5.9 million at the time. They agreed to make annual payments of $1,193,248.20 for 25 years starting July 1, 2011, including a negotiated 8 percent interest. That brings us to Chapman and Olson. 

Chapman, 27, was set to make $623,500 this season. But with a 60-game season and prorated salaries, the A's third baseman now will make only $230,925.93. Olson, 26, was scheduled to make $603,500. That's now down to $223,518.52. Combined, the two will make $454,444.45. 

Yeah, that's not even half of what Bonilla will make this year.

Chapman and Olson both are arbitration-eligible after this season and won't become free agents until 2024. They're about to get paid in arbitration, and the A's have to be focused on locking these two up long-term. They're two of the best players at their positions in all of baseball, and will be key to Oakland making a run at the World Series in this shortened season.

In fact, only 10 A's players will make more than Bonilla this season. That actually is two more than the Giants' eight, too.

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But key players like Chapman and Olson will make much less. Any player making less than $3.225 million in full-season salary will receive less than Bonilla this year. That also includes players like Ramon Laureano, Chad Pinder, Frankie Montas, Jesus Luzardo, A.J. Puk and more.

July 1 is Bobby Bonilla Day. It also is yet another reminder how underpaid Chapman and Olson are right now.

A's mailbag: Expectations, concerns one-third of way through season

A's mailbag: Expectations, concerns one-third of way through season

After Friday, the A’s will have completed one-third of their 60-game regular season for 2020.
Even with an early cushion atop the AL West, there are still a lot of compelling questions and observations coming from Oakland fans.
Here are just a few from Twitter and Instagram:
Joe Morgan @V3RNALp00ls

Really like @tonykemp. Great clubhouse guy, loves the game, terror on the basepaths.
Fortunately, the A’s didn’t have or need a lot of turnover from 2019, but it’s pretty clear that Tony Kemp is a frontrunner for the best offseason addition. His OBP (.429) and solid defense at second base stand out, but I’m glad you mentioned the energy and chemistry he clearly exudes with teammates. Kemp is the kind of asset that pushes Oakland past being a good team, to potentially a great one.
A’s 4 Days @SealDaRealDeal

Trading for another arm in the rotation wouldn’t be bad in my opinion. So you do you think would fit in with the A’s rotation?
I understand there have been a few recent starts that didn’t go well for Oakland, in the midst of some others which were downright exceptional. By now, we know what every starter is capable of, and to jettison any member of the group after just a few outings into this abnormal season would be a mistake in my opinion. Trades deemed “necessary” in a season like this need to be clear-cut, mandatory ones, and I don’t see that being the case for the A’s. There are 17 days left until the Aug. 31 trade deadline, which many are predicting won’t be anywhere near as busy as normal -- from the logistical standpoint of importing somebody new into a team’s bubble, but also to upset any group chemistry without time to spare.
Instagram: @roof.dylan 
What’s one thing you’re excited to see this season that you haven’t yet?

Really looking forward to the first Khris Davis burst of homers. For that to happen, he’ll need more consistent appearances in the lineup, and for that to happen, he just needs to keep the current momentum building. The at-bats are producing less strikeouts, louder contact, and more opposite-field direction. Positive signs. The A’s have plenty of capable names to DH, but make no mistake, when KD’s bat edges toward a normal clip, he’ll be penciled in every day.
Instagram: @ronalddatz
What overall record would you say the A’s finish with?

It’s important to remember that 36 wins is equivalent to the 97 Oakland recorded each of the last two seasons. That established, I think they can even get to 38 victories in a 60-game season. If there’s a healthy lead gained on the division by Aug. 31, I believe there could be some extra wins for the taking in September against teams who already are sunk.
Instagram: @eric_ohh
If we win it all ... will there be an asterisk or no?

Whoever wins a World Series in 2020 ultimately will be looked at differently 10 years down the road. But different doesn’t have to mean less impressive. Yes, it’s a short season, and more than half the teams will qualify for the playoffs. But knowing the additional physical and mental weight of playing through a pandemic, I don’t believe any athlete in the league currently would consider winning this World Series any less of an accomplishment. 
Instagram: @brooke_mullkin
What do you think is the Athletics’ strongest aspect of their team?

To steal from Dallas Braden, Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse who all mentioned this recently on A's Pregame Live, it’s their depth. Lose a starter or two? Lose a center fielder to suspension? Need a pinch hitter for the 10th inning? The A’s have somebody capable for nearly every role, and behind that usually is someone else primed for the opportunity. This team is one of the most impressive recent versions of the A’s on paper. Now it’s their turn to prove that on the field.

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Instagram: @martinm_2019
What’s the chance (Matt Olson) gets a splash hit this weekend?

Matt Olson is on a recent streak of homering every third game -- for whatever that's worth -- and the Giants are expected to start three right-handers in a row. We know the towering moonshots Olson is capable of, especially pulling to right field. But more than anything individual, the A’s need to at least win the series against a Giants team that shouldn’t be able to match up.

MLB rumors: Ramón Laureano suspension reduced from A's-Astros brawl

MLB rumors: Ramón Laureano suspension reduced from A's-Astros brawl

After an appeal, A's outfielder Ramón Laureano will have his suspension reduced from six games down to four, league sources told ESPN's Jeff Passan on Friday morning.

Laureano was suspended after charging toward the Houston Astros dugout Sunday following an exchange of words with coach Alex Cintrón. Laureano just had been hit by a pitch for the third time in the series. Cintron was suspended 20 games for his role in instigating the incident.

Laureano told reporters after the game that Cintrón had said something about Laureano's mother that prompted him to charge toward the dugout. Cintron denied the allegation, but MLB's suspension of Cintron for a third of the Astros' games seems to indicate he said something objectionable.

Houston has been a target of much frustration around MLB following the revelation of a systemic sign-stealing scheme the Astros utilized during the 2017 season, one in which they went on to win the World Series over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly was suspended eight games earlier this season after throwing at multiple Houston hitters and mocking shortstop Carlos Correa after a strikeout, prompting the benches to clear.

As Passan noted above, Laureano's suspension will carry through all three games of this weekend's Bay Bridge Series against the Giants, and the first game of Oakland's next series in Arizona against the Diamondbacks. The outfielder won't miss any divisional contests.

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