The Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal has enveloped baseball this offseason.

As spring training prepares to get underway, marquee players from every team have been teeing off on the 2017 World Series champions, who used technology to steal signs and alert hitters to what pitches were coming by banging a trash can. 

With the Astros taking fire as the black sheep of baseball, it's fair to wonder what other MLB teams either are toeing the line or crossing it when it comes to sign stealing. But if you're wondering if the A's might have a similar system to the one the Astros used, former Athletic Brett Anderson is here to pop your bubble.

“I know the A’s weren’t cheating,” Anderson told The Athletic. “Because, one, I don’t know if they could afford it. And to relay from f---ing 300 yards away in the video room? What were we going to do, get some vendor to throw some popcorn up in the air, or something? It’s too f---ing far to relay something.

“The lights go out, it’s a curveball,” Anderson said. “If there’s a sewage backup, it’s a fastball.”

Honestly ... fair point.

Later, Anderson clarified that it was all in good fun and the A's are near to his heart.

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The Astros will be a topic of conversation all season and no one really knows how each team and opposing fan base will react when Houston comes to their park.

The A's will host the Astros at the Coliseum in the second series of the season, a three-game set from March 30-April 1.