Chapman 'surprised himself' with power in two-homer game

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No, it wasn’t a replay, Matt Chapman hit two home runs on Thursday night in the A’s 5-1 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks to split the series.

They were Chapman's only two hits of the night, but he made them count. 

Chapman's first homer of the night came in the bottom of the first and went 434 feet to left field. 

The second was just as impressive, a 428-footer down the left field line with an exit velocity that measured at 110.9 mph -- the hardest-hit ball of the night. 

“I kind of surprised myself a little bit,” Chapman said after the game. “I don’t know if I’ve hit a ball like that since the minor leagues, but it felt good to be able to drive some balls today that felt like I wasn’t trying too hard to do that, it just kind of happened.”

This was also the second two-homer game of the season for Chapman, with the first coming on Aug. 10 against the Angels in Los Angeles.

Heading into the game, Chapman said his main focus was to make sure his timing was on point at the plate. 

“It’s funny how when you try and focus on making that little adjustment, good things happen,” Chapman explained. “I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but I felt a lot more comfortable, I felt like I was able to get the ball out in front a little bit more and be able to do some work with my hands and catch the ball out in front instead of being late.”


The adjustment worked, and A’s manager Bob Melvin noticed it, but not just Chapman’s two-homers. 

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“I don’t know that I’ve ever -- and I keep saying this now, and I don’t know if it’s the ball, if the player’s are stronger, I don’t know if that bats are -- I don’t know, but two balls to go way in the upper deck of left field does not happen,” Melvin said. 

It doesn’t happen often, but it sure did Thursday night.