A's closer Liam Hendriks reveals he's at high risk with liver condition


A’s closer Liam Hendriks told reporters on Monday he has been living with an autoimmune liver condition. He was diagnosed at the age of 18 and it went away, before it returned in 2015.

He credits his wife, Kristi, and the way the A’s have been handling coronavirus protocols to make sure he stays safe.

“Technically I’m at high risk just due to that,” Hendriks said. “But, it’s not anything that’s a huge thing -- I’m managing it myself, but it definitely gives me a little bit of pause when you see certain things going on around the league.”

Hendriks sits in the clubhouse near Jake Diekman, who has ulcerative colitis and is also considered high risk. Hendriks knows those particular individuals are taking the protocols extra seriously.

Hendriks also credits what the organization is doing, especially with their first travel assignment. 

“You can suck it up for two months -- not go to a bar, not go to a casino, it’s everywhere else,” Hendriks said. “If we’re gonna hang out, we can do something together, but just be smart about it. It’s been nice seeing what guys are doing, especially on the road.”

“We haven’t had too many issues,” Hendriks said. “We’re doing everything the right way.”

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He’s also taking social distancing very seriously, explaining that he’s OK with simply staying in his room and not interacting with others because, as he jokes, he doesn’t really like people anyway.

He also wants to be sure to remind everyone to wash your hands until they bleed.

Listen to Liam, folks.

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