Stew warns Correa about celebrating Astros' success too soon


The Houston Astros upset the Minnesota Twins in the AL Wild Card Series this week, and star shortstop Carlos Correa got a bit cocky.

After the Astros swept the Twins, Correa had a message for the large group of baseball fans that despise the team that cheated on their way to the 2017 World Series title.

“People are mad,” Correa told reporters Wednesday. “People don’t want to see us here. What are they going to say now?”

Correa is essentially trying to say that by winning one playoff round, the Astros have proved their cheating was overblown. He thinks fans and players on other teams should shut up now that Houston as won one round.

Sorry, Carlos, but it doesn't work like that.

NBC Sports California A's analyst Dave Stewart had some stern words for Correa during A's Pregame Live on Thursday.

"Correa, you got to be careful," Stewart said before the A's beat the Chicago White Sox to advance to the ALDS. "You've got to be careful how soon you celebrate and how quickly you celebrate. You just got through the first step. That's all you've gotten through. There's two more steps before you get to the big dance and so you just gotta be careful about that celebration and talking too soon."

The Astros had a down year, finishing the 60-game regular season with a 29-31 record. But they made the playoffs thanks to the expanded field in each league. Now that they've cleared the first hurdle, Correa believes they've been vindicated.


Unfortunately for Correa and the Astros, that's not the case. They beat a Twins team that now has lost an astounding 18 straight playoff games.

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Now Correa and the Astros will face the A's in the ALDS, and Oakland isn't scared of Houston.

The A's ran away with the AL West title this year and beat the Astros in seven of their 10 matchups.

Correa's talking a big game now, but he might be singing a different tune by the end of next week if the A's put an end to the Astros' 2020 season.