Dodgers' Muncy reacts to coincidence of A's draftee Muncy

Max Muncy, Max Muncy

For the second time in nine years, the A's selected a Max Muncy in the first round of the MLB Draft.

The elder one drafted in 2012 now plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers and will DH in the 2021 All-Star Game. The younger one selected Sunday also most recently played in Southern California as a standout for Thousand Oaks High School.

If their names and respective draft histories weren't eerie enough, there's more: they were both born on Aug. 25.


Due to all of their commonalities, the younger Muncy was frequently asked throughout his high school career if he was related to the elder Muncy. "Sometimes it's up to three times a day, wherever I'm at," he told A's media Sunday night.

Though they're not related, the connection is both obvious and fun. They were supposed to communicate prior to the draft, but for whatever reason, that didn't occur. However, the elder Muncy said Monday that he naturally expects there to be more opportunities moving forward.

"It's a lot of crazy coincidences, but I think he's starting off on a better path than I started on," the elder Muncy told MLBPA's Jerry Crasnick. "I hope he's able to have a good career, and I'll be watching, for sure."

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It likely will be several years until the younger Muncy makes it to the big leagues. But it's certainly possible there eventually will be two of them in the bigs simultaneously.


One would imagine, though, they'll meet well before then.