A's enemy Correa called his shot on ALCS walk-off homer


In the American League Division Series, the A's watched three Carlos Correa flyballs land over the fence, as he dominated the series and Houston took down Oakland and advanced to the Championship Series.

The Astros fell behind three-games-to-none to the Tampa Bay Rays in the series, but Houston lived to fight another day with a Game 4 win on Wednesday. The following night, Correa again extended the series with a monster, 416-foot walk-off home run in Game 5 to give the Astros a 4-3 win.

Following the victory, Houston manager Dusty Baker said Correa was so confident going into his at-bat, that he called his shot on the walk-off blast.

"Boy, that was very crucial," Baker said (h/t ESPN). "I mean, Carlos told me before he went up there, he goes, 'Walk-off.' I said, 'Go ahead on, man.'"

"Anderson is a great pitcher and I don't mean no disrespect when I call my shot," Correa said. "It's just that after my second at-bat, I went in the cage. [Hitting coach Alex] Cintron called me and told me a couple of things that made my swing feel great."

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It's nice to know that Correa's confidence now comes from conversations with his hitting coach, as opposed to in past years, when he's gained some valuable insight on the next pitch from a certain waste receptacle in the dugout.

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