Heim's dad pumped after son's first MLB hit in debut

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Jonah Heim’s major league debut will end with at least one souvenir after he got his first hit during the A’s game against the Texas Rangers on Tuesday night with a line drive single to left field.

His dad James couldn’t be more proud:

The single advanced Tony Kemp to third base in a very productive seventh inning in which the A's would score five runs to take a 10-3 lead over the Rangers. 

Before Tuesday's game, Heim said he knew the coronavirus pandemic meant his family couldn't be in attendance for his debut, but his family was getting together to celebrate his important day.

The 25-year-old catcher said his dad, who he has a very close relationship with, was the first person he called when he found out he was going to the big leagues.

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James had been tweeting the entire night about Jonah, but it was nice to see the entire neighborhood was rooting for him.

Perhaps now is the time to get #HeimTime trending.