The A's enjoyed a triumphant weekend with a sweep of the Seattle Mariners, but their mode of transportation back to the Bay Area became a story in itself.

The A's arrived at the airport to find their charter plane adorned with the Giants' logo on it, another jab at a team that already plays in the shadow of its cross-bay rival on so many levels.

Here's the explanation for why this played out as it did according to Catherine Aker, the A's director of corporate communications:

"Our charter contract is with MLW Air," Aker wrote in an email to CSN California. "Per our contract, we share a plane with the Dallas Mavericks and in the case of dual events, MLW Air subservices another charter on our behalf.

"Because of the Mavericks game yesterday, MLW Air subserviced Eastern Airline for our flight. We were unaware of the Giants logo on the plane until we arrived and addressed our dissatisfaction with MLW Air."