How Chapman assisted in bringing Khrush back to A's


It almost was written in the stars that Khris Davis would return to the A’s after being sent to the Texas Rangers in the Elvis Andrus trade on Feb. 6. Having Matt Chapman around certainly helped.

A’s general manager David Forst said as much as Chapman helped the situation, a lot of credit was owed to Davis himself.

“All the credit goes to Khris,” Forst said Friday on A’s Cast. “He reached out to us, basically through Chap and said, he wanted to get back and play. I think he said he was sitting on his couch for a little bit, he reached out and said, ‘I just want to play in Triple-A,’ no expectations about getting to the big leagues, he just wanted to get back and play somewhere and obviously we were more than happy to do it, turned into more than just taking at-bats in Triple-A over that two week stretch in Vegas is pretty impressive and yeah, I know Bob [Melvin’s] hoping there’s a boost that comes from him being there. The same way we got it from the guys who came in around August 1st. He’s going to have some opportunities against lefties and Jed [Lowrie’s] done a great job in the DH spot.”

Davis had been released by the Rangers this season and after taking some time off, admitted he wanted to return. 

Davis said on Wednesday that Chapman told him to get off the couch and make the journey back. He wasn’t just on the couch, of course, he was working out with his best friend in Arizona and admitted he missed the game. 


“I’m just thankful the A’s are giving me this opportunity to show -- like BoMel said -- I have a lot of baseball left to play in me, and I know I do too,” Davis said on Wednesday. “This is what I’m born for.”

The September call-up was earned by Davis who slashed .333/.382/.921 with 10 home runs in 16 games.  

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On Thursday, Davis made his 2021 debut with the A’s going 2-for-3 with an RBI double in the 8-6 win over the Detroit Tigers.

“Hopefully there’s a way to work him in, but was nice to see him getting a couple knocks yesterday,” Forst said. "