A's Lowrie admits time with Mets 'really frustrating'


Jed Lowrie admitted he was choked up on Opening Day this season. He was back with the Athletics, but more than that, he was back playing the game he loves so much.

He spent the previous two seasons with the New York Mets after he signed a $20-million contract. He had just seven at-bats in nine total games during his time there, and it resulted in backlash from fans. He spoke to The Athletic’s Peter Gammons about it all.

“When you’re questioned on social media or by people behind your back, I consider it to be nothing more significant than gossip,” he told Gammons. “I’ve had some injuries, but this last situation with the Mets was really frustrating.”

The frustration stemmed from the Mets not allowing Lowrie to undergo surgery on his knee after he sustained a fat pad impingement. He was in extreme pain.

Lowrie told Gammons the Mets threatened him with a grievance after the surgery refusal and said as he sat out of the shortened 2020 season, things “were unpleasant” between the two parties. Once the Mets were eliminated from the playoffs, Lowrie was a free agent and he underwent the surgery in October.

“I missed playing so much, it was very difficult,” Lowrie said. “I would love to play two more years, then perhaps work in the business. It’s been my life for a long time, from Stanford to 14 seasons in the major leagues.”

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Lowrie was signed by the A’s in the offseason, his third stint in Oakland and is finding himself as a main part of the team. He’s batting .276/.364/.448 with one home run and two RBI so far this season.


Hopefully, the fans who are constantly coming at Lowrie have a better understanding now.