With the A's acquiring infielder Jurickson Profar on Friday, we're left to wonder -- who is this guy? And what can he do for the team?

Well, to start things off, he's not a complete stranger to the A's. Profar has been a member of the Texas Rangers organization for his entire career since his major league debut in 2012. And while he's had a very up-and-down career through the minors, he played a consistent 146 games in the bigs last season. That alone is promising.

During his 2018 campaign, he boasted a .254/.335/.458 line with 20 home runs and 77 RBI.

As far as where he can play, diversity is his middle name. Actually, his middle name is Barthelomeus, but the guy can play anywhere. Check this out:

He's pretty much played at each position in a major league uniform except pitcher and catcher. But I have a feeling he could handle being a position player pitching -- those are the new trend, after all.

But Evan Grant, who covers the Rangers for the Dallas Morning News, says while Profar has great hands, he's a better defender at second base than at third.


So, Matt Chapman's job is safe for now.

"Profar is a good everyday player, getting better," Grant told NBC Sports Bay Area. "For a team with a chance to win now, he's a great fit. Versatile, talented and with more upside. The Rangers were in a position where they weren't going to win in the two-year window before he hits free agency, and so they had to maximize his value. To do so, it made more sense to trade him now than to wait for the deadline because he's the kind of player you appreciate on an everyday basis, but not the kind of guy who you say: 'That guy is going to change the playoff race.' "

There isn't a huge sample size with the 25-year-old, but the ceiling certainly is high. He's making strides in his career in multiple categories.

It appears he's becoming more and more patient at the plate. His walk and strikeout rate has fallen since 2017, and his power is increasing.

And some great news -- the A's now have this guy on their team:

And here's just a great moment with Adrian Beltre:

Once again, I know -- small sample size -- but there is so much promise in his career, along with enthusiasm. That being said, those are the perfect ingredients to be part of an organization like the A's.