OAKLAND -- "Mario and Luigi!"

A's designated hitter Khris Davis greeted the two characters of Nintendo fame who arrived at the A's clubhouse to deliver Nintendo Switches -- a gift from Khrush to his teammates as a thank you for their continued support.

"I just wanted to do something nice for my teammates," Davis said. "We're always supporting each other and this is just a token of my appreciation." 

Davis took on the form of Santa Claus prior to Tuesday's game against the Reds, handing out the video game consoles to each of his teammates, creating smiles upon delivery. The guys even mocked Oprah with her famous "you get a car" speech -- only this time, they were getting Switches.

Davis was scratched from the lineup last minute due to his left hip contusion. Kendrys Morales took over for him in the A's 2-0 win headlined by a no-hitter from Mike Fiers.