Hendriks celebrated A's win with nude putting, funny mask


It’s time to celebrate!

The A’s defeated the Chicago White Sox 6-4 on Thursday to advance to the American League Division Series, where they'll face their rival Houston Astros next week in Los Angeles.

However, with MLB’s newly implemented safety protocols, there was no champagne in the clubhouse. Instead, reliever Liam Hendriks celebrated in a different way that has become A's tradition: by putting.

But Hendriks admitted that he has done this celebratory routine a specific way before: Without any clothes on. 

“We’ve been doing the putting this year,” Hendriks said after the game. "I had my second putt this year. Second time I've also done the putt completely in the nude. Missed today, which is unfortunate. I made the first one, but missed today, unfortunately." 

Also, that’s his own face on the face mask he’s sporting. 

Last season, the A's had a basketball hoop and ball above one of the lockers in their clubhouse that was toy-sized. Now, they’re putting.

“One-for-two, but hopefully we have time to redeem ourselves and bringing them on the trip," Hendriks said. "I already told (former A's teammate) Blake Treinen I’m taking his locker (in Dodger Stadium).”

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The A’s will head to Los Angeles to play at Dodger Stadium against the Astros on Monday after finally getting over the wild-card hump


What will Hendriks do until then in addition to the nude putting?

“To be honest, I just need a nap,” he said. 

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