Why Hendriks isn't completely focused on his free agency yet


A quick internet search brings up multiple MLB teams' reported interest in former A's closer Liam Hendriks.

Who wouldn’t be interested in the 2019 AL All-Star and 2020 AL Reliever of the Year?

“I’ve got a friend who’s a mad Phillies fan,” Hendriks recently told NBC Sports California. “He’s been sending me every link from anything to do with the Phillies. That’s been satiating my need to Google myself.”

The A's have 10 free agents this winter, including Hendriks. He remains in a regular offseason throwing routine, but is not yet involved with the business side of his next contract.

“I told my agent ‘You deal with it all,’ but let us know who’s reached out, and in what order," Hendriks said. "Kind of let us know what they’re saying. I like to have an idea of what’s going on.”

To this point, it’s been a relatively slow-moving market for MLB free agents, with coronavirus pandemic uncertainty likely playing a large factor. 

As for the ultimate decision Hendriks will make, it won’t solely revolve around money, or himself alone.

“I’m not dealing with the day-to-day business of talking to teams yet,” Hendriks said. “If the demand gets high then (wife) Kristi and I will reach out, we’ll get in touch with the teams and we’ll figure out what’s possibly a good fit.”


While things should work out in a lucrative way -- somewhere -- for Hendriks, there is a certain extent of agonizing over what comes next. Usually, he would already be apartment hunting for places in Arizona, then Oakland.

“Me worrying about it, isn’t going to change anything,” Hendriks said.

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Helping to squelch uncertainty are the needs of four dogs and five especially hungry cats.

“I make sure to feed them, otherwise they’ll be jumping on our faces in the middle of the night crying for food," Hendriks said. "The usual stuff.”