Lou Trivino takes responsibility for blown save in A's loss


Despite the fact that starter Chris Bassitt continued his domination on the mound, the Athletics suffered a 9-4 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday. Bassitt struck out seven in just as many innings.

Things began to unravel in the top of the eighth after A’s reliever Lou Trivino threw a wild pitch that caused a domino effect. 

Trivino took full responsibility following the game after blowing the save.

“I just didn’t execute pitches,” Trivino said. “Bass threw a fantastic game and I thought we played really good baseball and I just kind of crapped the bed, you know. Just not my day and I've got to forget about it.”

Trivino didn’t blame it on fatigue or anything of the sort, but rather just doubled down that it was a bad night for him.

Bassitt credited Trivino for how he handled the aftermath of the loss.

"It's real easy to come up here when you're doing really good and talk to the media and have fun and 'look at me' kind of thing, but it takes a real man to kind of sit there and take questions when you have a bad night,” Bassitt said. “So obviously hats off to Lou for doing that. I didn't know he did that, but if you're going to like the attention when you're doing well, you better accept the attention when you're not."

Bassitt also reaffirmed that he has the utmost confidence in the bullpen.

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“Our bullpen is a bunch of dogs,” he said.

“Tomorrow I still fully trust Lou and [Jake Diekman],” Bassitt added. “I mean, the back end of our bullpen, if I ever get pulled and I see those guys coming in, I’m not mad one bit. I’ll tell you that.”